L’Occitane garage sale

loccitane-garazna-razprodaja-after-7Hi ladies!
Today I have a not particularly beauty related post. However, it’s not beautiful only what we can put on ourselves, right? You may (or not) know I attended the L’Occitane garage sale this week and had a chance to take three pieces of their decorating products with me. Our lovely L’Occitane team is well know of their challenges, so they didn’t miss the opportunity to give us another one! 🙂 This time, we are not testing any beauty products, but we were given a task to create some before and after pictures of our homes without/with those pieces we grabed. Now, let’s have a look at my work, but I will fistly tell you something about the sale itself! Keep reading…

Punce pozdravljene!
Danes z vami delim lepotno objavo, ki sicer ni neposredno povezana z lepotnimi izdelki. Verjetno se boste strinjale z menoj, da ni lepo samo tisto, kar lahko damo nase. In kot veste (ali pa mogoče še ne) sem se ta teden udeležila L’Occitanove garažne razprodaje, odkoder sem imela priložnost s seboj odnesti tri izdelke, ki so me tako zelo očarali. Naša L’Occitane ekipa je znana po njihovih izzivih, zato tudi tokrat niso izpustili priložnost, da jih znova razveselimo s svojimi kreativnimi objavami. Tokrat ne testiram lepotnih izdelkov, temveč prikazujem slike kotičkov svojega stanovanja pred in po umestitvi novih dekorativnih izdelkov. Poglejmo si, kaj sem ustvarila, še prej pa vam bom povedala nekaj več o razprodaji sami…

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The Story of L’Occitane Arlésienne Continues…

loccitane-arlesienneHi ladies!
You have seen already the featured picture and were wondering what does it stand for… A pink ribbon, which I find really symbolic in October, with nice unique silver details! Unique L’Occitane, as L’Occitane always is, inspired me this time as well, to create something a bit different than usually. I was given this pink ribbon last week at the BBMULJ (read more about it HERE) together with some of the new Christmas L’Occitane Arlésienne products… Now check below to see what I have created in honor to this new Christmas release!

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Pink October Nail Art – Breast Cancer Awareness


Good evening ladies!
Another year is around and it is timetime for a new Pink October post. As a nail polish blogger of course I had to create a nail art in honor to all the wonderful ladies who suffer or had sufferd from breast cancer. October is the month of breast cancer awareness and as a person who has a bigger risk of getting this disease I think it’s essential to speak about it. Not about the cancer itself, but just to make sure you are doing what you can to prevent it or discover it in an early stage. 🙂 Today I am showing you my Pink October nail art, which is again a collaboration with a couple of Slovenian beauty bloggers, so make sure to check their work as well.

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Guerlain Stop Spot – Beauty SOS

guerlain-stop-spot Good evening girls!
Still under impressions of the great Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp which took place on Friday I decided to post something different. You all know me with makeup, and I rarely post pictures without, so today I will show you a product which helps me a lot in my everyday skincare and makeup routine. I will talk about a SOS product Guerlain Stop Spot, which was released this summer and I am using it ever since! For details check below…

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Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 – Moments


Hello ladies!
Yesterday I attended a great event in Ljubljana – the second Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp. This time, it was organized in Hotel Lev and the atmosphere was increadible. I am still a bit under impressions of the event, so I was thinking a lot which way I should organize my post. Since it is clear, that there will be tones of posts about the event, I decided to share my photo memories with you. The pictures are not impressive but I gave my best, so they should work for you to get an idea how well organized this event actually was. I have devided pictures to make your life easier while reading, since this is a picture heavy post! 🙂 Check the rest of the post to find out the details about this unicorn themed beautiful bloggers event!

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Fall Makeup Look – Lancome Sonia Rykiel and Zoya Urban Grunge

lancome-sonia-rykiel-2Hello girls!
Today I am posting something a bit different and not a usual product review like you were used to. The reason for it is, that my dear blogger friend Aida needed some help for her upcoming photoshooting, so I said, why the hell not. I am not a fashion blogger, what she was actually looking for, but I got an idea to mix it up with my makeup look. She agreed, so now I am showing you the pictures. I was wearing my current favourite eyeshadows from the newest Lancome Sonia Rykiel collaboration and two of the new Zoya Urban Grunge shades. All pictures (except one, which will be specified, are taken by Aida’s Photograpy). Check below for details and pictures.

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Northern Lights Nail Art


Hello dolls!
For today I have prepared another special nail art! About two days ago I was reading a lot about aurora borealis aka northern lights. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in northern (and southern) parts of our planet. Usually, we get the most of northern lights in fall, and two days ago there was expected another one, so I got inspired and did some northern lights nail art! Awesome, right? Oh, and I must mention Anja aka @lieve91, because I tried to recreate one of her gorgeous manicures. If you want to know how to creat this interesting nail art – read below! 🙂

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Yankee Candle – Harvest Time Collection

yankee-candle-harvest-timeGood evening ladies!
Today it’s time for another review of my favourite scented candles brand – Yankee Candle. Autumn is finally here, so it’s about time to put the summer candles away and grab some new ones. But, which scents to choose? I am making your life much easier today, because Yankee Candle released a new Yankee Candle Harvest Time Collection, which is available in Europe and in my lovely Slovenia as well, and I got a chance to review it for you guys. You can read my thoughts about it below!

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Avon Life Event


Good morning ladies!
Few days ago I was at the Avon Life Event. I was super excited when I got the invitation and was so happy to see all my lovely bloggers again. As you may know (or not) we support each other as much as we can and these events are just great to chat a bit about latest trends and give each other some advices! But, these time the star of the day was the new gorgeous Avon Life fragrance designed by Kenzo Takada. Check below to see some moments from the event! 🙂

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Autumn Leaves Nail Art


Hey ladies!
So, fall is finally here and it’s in order to celebrate it, right? And as I had some more free time than usually this week I decided to do a freehand nail art. I know, it’s sound crazy from a stamping addict, but sometimes I like to test my freehanding skills. Actually I know how to draw things, so that’s not such a problem, but when it comes to painting on a tiny little area like nails… well…. it get’s quite tricky! But, here is a super easy autumn leaves nail art, which was inspired by a tutorial from a lovely lady NailsByCambria (you can find the tutorial here)… I think I did quite well, keeping in mind that I don’t have a proper detail brush. Check down for more description…

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LVMH Event + Giveaway


Hi girls!
For today I have prepared a short presentation about the LVMH event I have visited two weeks ago here in Ljubljana. I was really surprised when I received the invitation, but happy at the sam time. The LVMH group includes some great perfume houses as well, such as Givenchy and Kenzo, but today I will be talking mostly about Givenchy. Lovely Karina from the Slovenian distributor Promands presented us four new fragrances for fall, and I do have my favourites already! Check more about the event below!

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ILNP Fall 2016 Collection


Hi girls!
It’s been a week since I have posted the swatches of the ILNP Neutrals 2016 – check it out here. It’s time to check out the fall part of the new release as well – the ILNP Fall 2016 collection. I had some troubles while swatching and ended up with two broken nails on my non-dominate/swatching hand. I almost had to swatch my Cinderella Hand, but luckily, I fixed the problem and I can share now my swatches with you! 🙂 Yeah!!!

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