Autumn Leaves Nail Art


Hey ladies!
So, fall is finally here and it’s in order to celebrate it, right? And as I had some more free time than usually this week I decided to do a freehand nail art. I know, it’s sound crazy from a stamping addict, but sometimes I like to test my freehanding skills. Actually I know how to draw things, so that’s not such a problem, but when it comes to painting on a tiny little area like nails… well…. it get’s quite tricky! But, here is a super easy autumn leaves nail art, which was inspired by a tutorial from a lovely lady NailsByCambria (you can find the tutorial here)… I think I did quite well, keeping in mind that I don’t have a proper detail brush. Check down for more description…

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LVMH Event + Giveaway


Hi girls!
For today I have prepared a short presentation about the LVMH event I have visited two weeks ago here in Ljubljana. I was really surprised when I received the invitation, but happy at the sam time. The LVMH group includes some great perfume houses as well, such as Givenchy and Kenzo, but today I will be talking mostly about Givenchy. Lovely Karina from the Slovenian distributor Promands presented us four new fragrances for fall, and I do have my favourites already! Check more about the event below!

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ILNP Fall 2016 Collection


Hi girls!
It’s been a week since I have posted the swatches of the ILNP Neutrals 2016 – check it out here. It’s time to check out the fall part of the new release as well – the ILNP Fall 2016 collection. I had some troubles while swatching and ended up with two broken nails on my non-dominate/swatching hand. I almost had to swatch my Cinderella Hand, but luckily, I fixed the problem and I can share now my swatches with you! 🙂 Yeah!!!

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Rimmel Bus Tour 2016


Hi dolls!
Last week I have visited couple of beauty blogger events and I have realized I like being so busy! 🙂 One of the events was the Rimmel Bus Tour in Ljubljana. The bus tour took place actually in couple of towns in Slovenia, but I got an invitation to visit this one. Exclusive opportunity to check out new makeup products (Rimmel London is new in Slovenia), make yourself pretty with famous Slovenian makeup artists, to check the interior of an old school double decker and meet some lovely people (thanks Gabi for going with me!). Not to mention the small surprise we got when leaving… There was also a 25% off discount in dm, but I stayed strong and haven’t bought anything. However, if you have seen the bus, make sure to post a picture online with #rimmelbustour hashtag, because there is a huge giveaway hosted by Rimmel Slovenija, hence here are my photo impressions about the event! Enjoy!

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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming


Hey there!
Today it is time for another fragrance review. Last week I was at the Dior presentation of the fall products. Among all the makeup I was introduced to the newest Dior fragrance – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. Is this my type of fragrance, was my first question, because I am more into fruity-citrus scents. What do you think? Read below to check if you were right! 🙂

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FOTD: Pupa Milano Look

pupa milano matching nails and lips (2)

Hello beauties!
To change the mood from autumn back to summer, I have created a makeup look with some vibrant lipstick and some matching nails. I like autumn, but hey, it’s not here yet, so let’s just move on simply with summer. I have named the post Pupa Milano Look because both lipstick (actually lip fluid) and nail polish belong to this amazing Italian brand. If you want to see more pictures and read some details, check below…

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ILNP Neutrals 2016

ilnp neutrals 2016

Hi ladies!
It’s again that time of year when ILNP releases new polishes. I was so lucky to receive the entire collection to swatch it and show the polishes to you. The release consists of two parts – the ILNP Fall 2016 collection and the ILNP Neutrals 2016 collection. Since there are 13 polishes all together, I have decided to devide them, so I am showing you today only the ILNP Neutrals 2016 part. Hope you will enjoy the swatches. 🙂

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Fall Nail Art

fall nail art (2)

Hi guys! 🙂
Although it is still incredible hot over here, I can already sense the fall vibes. Everything is getting calmer, the kids are back to school, and my little boy started going to kindergarden as well. For the first time. You can imagine how nervous I am, so I needed to figure out something to relax a bit… And there is no better way than painting my nails! 🙂 So, this the end result of my yesterday’s relaxing – a fall nail art. Check down below for the details and to see the manicure! 🙂

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Back To School Nails

back to school nails

Hey girls!
I am back from my second vacation this year and I came up with a totally theme appropriate nail art. It’s September 1st, first day of school in my country, so I teamed up with Metka aka Lacquered Bits and Katja aka Nail 2 Express to create Back To School Nails. There are only few nail polish blogs in Slovenia, so we think it’s nice to help out each other and there is no better way to do it than with a great collaboration. 🙂 These were made yesterday in the evening – super last minute –  but I am happy I finished them and now I can share them with you. Check below! 🙂

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Dior Junon Nail Polish

dior junon 494 nail polish

Hello there!
This month I was honored to test some high end nail polishes, and I am really happy I can share my thoughts with you today. I am talking about Dior Junon Nail Polish today, and I have created a nice fall nail art with some of the latest stamping polishes I got. Make sure to check it out below!

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Melvita Nectar de Roses

melvita nectar de roses collection

Hey hey!
Finally I have a new skin care review for you guys. It’s been a while I was at the Melvita event where everything was about the new Nectar de Roses release. I am in love with Melvita floral waters and I had big expectations from this new Melvita Nectar de Roses cream as well. But, is it worth the hype? Check it below!

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Rio 2016 nail art

rio 2016 olympics

Hi ladies!
So, the Olympic games have started and everything is about Rio 2016 now. As a huge fan of sports, I had to do a matching nail art – as one of the winners of my past giveaway also suggested. This post brings back to me a lot of memories from the time I was an atlethe and I have managed to combine them with new Dance Legend polishes for this Rio 2016 nail art. Check the details below. 🙂

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