My name is Tara and I was born in spring 1990. I live in Slovenia, but was born in Serbia. I finished the primary and secondary school in Serbia in a small town on the North of the country, called Senta. Because I had a grandmother in Slovenia, I decided to move to her place to continue my studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I graduated from International Relations in summer of 2013.


Moving from home wasn’t really easy but I got used to it after a while. I spent my free time playing nine-pin bowling which was some sort of heritage from my father. He was a world champion, and wanted his children to be as succesful as he was. Well, I haven’t let him down, because I achieved pretty much in this sport. Finished second at the WCH U-23, won an international tournament U-23, won several times at national championships! I was chosen for the best U-23 player in 2011.


Me with the reward

After my father died in the late winter of 2011, I just wasn’t sure anymore if I should continue. My decision to quit playing wasn’t easy, but after some disputes with the leading people of our National Nine-Pin Bowling Accosiation it was clear that either the Accosiation needs changes or I have to change myself in order to continue with playing. Honest people are just not welcome in this field of sports.

I used to be a nail biter, but after my boyfriend’s sister introduced my to the nail blogging world and all the nail art stuff I decided to stop biting my nails! And I am really happy I made this decision. I am so proud of all my nail art. I started blogging in summer 2013 and kept blogging until I found a job. The job was really taking all my energy, so nails became a bit less important to me.

In the beginning of 2014 I got the best news in the world. I found out I was pregnant. I was waiting for my little baby boy for nine long months and heard him crying for the first time on 25th August at 15:08! My world changed completely. In the meantime, I wasn’t painting my nails regulary, because I had problems with the smell of polishes and acetone and all those chemicals, but when I had time, enough energy and a great idea, I was very happy to do my nails.

Now, I am an active swatcher for some big indie nail polish brands and online shops. My stash keeps growing and I keep buying Helmers, because I am running out of space for all the polishes. I am doing my best to organize my time in the way I have time for my nails, but not forgetting about my little boy.

Besides doing my nails, I am huge fan of sports! I think I am watching everything! 🙂 Also, I speak six languages: Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian, English, German and Spanish. I hope once I can teach my son just a bit of all those languages!

In the end, I have to say thank you to my boyfriend, who supports me in my work and makes me happy together with my son! A big thank you to my parents and my brother for being here with me when I needed them the most! Thank you to my grandmother and my uncle for supporting me while studying and staying at their place! THANK YOU! I wouldn’t be here without YOU ALL!
This is me!


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  1. You seem to have achieved your goals after a life of challenges. Good Luck to you in future. Hugs Jeannhe

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