Good morning ladies!
Few days ago I was at the Avon Life Event. I was super excited when I got the invitation and was so happy to see all my lovely bloggers again. As you may know (or not) we support each other as much as we can and these events are just great to chat a bit about latest trends and give each other some advices! But, these time the star of the day was the new gorgeous Avon Life fragrance designed by Kenzo Takada. Check below to see some moments from the event! 🙂

Avon Life Event

I won’t talk about the fragrance itself today, because I have decided to dedicate a solo post to it, but will rather show you how bloggers are enjoying these kind of events. We are always more than welcome to take as much photos as possible and I am not breaking this “rule”. The lighting in National Gallery in Ljubljana, where the event took place, is wonderful and it’s not hard to make gorgeous pictures, so I will leave you now to enjoy …

avon-life-event-2 avon-life-event-3 avon-life-event-21 avon-life-event-22 avon-life-event-1 avon-life-event-13 avon-life-event-5 avon-life-event-6 avon-life-event-9 avon-life-event-4 avon-life-event-7 avon-life-event-14 avon-life-event-18 avon-life-event-17 avon-life-event-8 avon-life-event-11 avon-life-event-12 avon-life-event-15 avon-life-event-20 avon life event-19 avon life event-16What do you think? Was it fun? 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed the pictures and stay tuned to hear more about these lovely floral scent! Until next time… :*


    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Res je! Upam da jo ima nekdo drugi 🙂

  1. čudovite fotografije! Res je bilo vse simpatično in kot pripravljeno za fotografiranje 😀

  2. Iii res lepe slike. Tudi sama sem se udeležila dogodka in se imela res fajn. Super objava.


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