Good afternoon my dear fans!
This week was quite a busy one for me. Among all my duties, I was invited to another beauty event. This time Avon organized an event in honor of the new Avon Mark range launch. It wasn’t a classic event with a simple presentation, but our Avon teamed up with Niga Veger (Beautyfullblog), who presented us some latest makeup trends. Because ma schedule is pretty tight lately, I had to leave quite eary, but I still had enough time to capture couple of photos… Enjoy the moments of Avon Mark Event below!

Avon Mark Event

The new Mark range is bold, sexy, classy and elegant… Maybe the packaging isn’t looking that colorful (cuz it’s black-white), but the inside of the products is really vibrant with a huge spectre of colors. I can’t wait to try some of them, especially their lipsticks, because they are promissing quite a lot according to what I have heard and what Nika Veger has shown as.  She presented us the latest lip trend – ombre. There are plenty of options and I am very curious how this trend will look on my lips, because my upper lip is very thin. You can not argue that the model (Lara) looks amazing, right? 😀

avon mark event sara ledinek

It’s selfie time! Always and everywhere…. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my short tour and stay tuned for more beauty related things… Talk to you soon! 🙂

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  1. Vauuuu … hude fotke in res lušten zapis. Tisto delovno, s Karino, pa kradem za v arhiv ;).

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