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Hi girls,
So, the time has come… It’s Christmas Eve and here I am… writing a blog post. 🙂 Christmas itself doesn’t have a special tradition in my familiy, so we had just a short dinner at my gandmothers. Santa already visited us, and I am so happy to see my little boy so excited about the presents. He was a baby last year and now here he is… running around like crazy, smiling and making us happy. For this particular reason, I have decided to keep this cute little present for the end of this giveaway. Check below what I am exactly talking about.

It’s Nivea Fairy Cream what I have kept for the end. I was writing about this special edition not so long ago, so you check the details there (click here!). Besides the cream, there is also a cute fridge magnet, which will be a perfect toy for kids like my son. All you have to do in order to have a chance to win it, is to answer the following question:

Which Nivea product is your favourite?

I love Nivea products so it would be really hard for me to choose only one. What about you? Don’t forget to follow me via Bloglovin’ and you have to answer the question within 24 hours from the time this post went online! Please, answer in the comments of this post or send me an e-mail: The winner answer will be published tomorrow in my next post! Before entering, please check the rules in the announcement post (click here!).

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My last day of advent calendars opening. Oh well… Amazing products! I am so excited to see L’Occitane Pivoine Flora fragrance in it, that I can’t even describe 🙂 It smells so good and I had a mini like this already, but guess what? It’s empty! 🙂 So yeah for L’Occitane. Next up is Alessandro with this luxury Snowball hand cream. I was mentioning this cream already in one of my posts… Perfect winter fragrance for yor hands. What surprised me the most is the full size Biotherm Biomanis hand cream. There is no such a thing as TOO MUCH HAND CREAMS, right? 🙂 And Essence surprised me with a cute glitter gold cosmetic bag. What could I wish more? 🙂 I would like to say thank you to L’Occitane and Alessandro for the calendars, they really made me happy each day in December. Hope they will come back next year, even better and richer! 🙂

Now it the time to announce my 23rd winner. Again, a very hard choice. but I have decided to give the prize to Vanja for the following answer:

S seboj bi vzela maskaro, ker bi z njo lahko poudarila oči. Kremo z visokim zaščitnim faktorjem, da bi me varovala pred soncem in opeklinami. Ter živo rdečo šminko, ki bi si jo nanesla na ustnice ob večerih – za dolge sprehode ob sončnem zahodu. 🙂

Thank you Vanja for entering, and for your answer. I love the way you are thinking, and if I am hones, I would take the same three things with me! Great minds think alike, or? 🙂 Please send me your shipping details so I can get the item to your place. I wish the rest of you more luck today and stay tuned for more surprises! <3 Kisses :*


  1. I love a lot of Nivea products so it is hard to chose one. I like using their deodorants, my favourite is calm&care, but also their lotions, in-shower lotions, shower creams, sunscreens and i love the line Pure&Natural. But Nivea is the ultimate classic brand in my eyes so I would have to go with the classic blue-tin Nivea cream.

  2. Tijana sjz Reply

    Niveu volim najvise i koristim vec 20 godina, nisam ni znala za nesto drugo dok nisam pocela a pisem blog, ali ljubav prema Nivei ili bolje reći opsesija je i dalje tu, sve volim najviše, soft kremu, gelove za tuš, mleko za pod tuš, mleka za telo, dezodoranse, stikove, ma sveeeeee 🙂

  3. Niveine izdelke imam vse rada, prevsem pa njihove deodorante, eden izmed njih je calm6care in tudi njihove kremaste gele za tuširanje :).

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