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Can Nail Polish Cause Birth Defects?

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Manicures, pedicures and nail polish are considered safe during pregnancy β€” so go ahead and treat yourself!

WASHINGTON (CNN) — An environmental group Tuesday warned women of childbearing age to avoid using nail polish that contains a chemical that has been shown to cause birth defects in laboratory animals. A report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) said the chemical in question is called dibutyl phthalate or DBP.

Generally Can nail polish hurt a baby? Nail polish can contain an array of chemicals, some of which are endocrine disruptors( 2 ). These chemicals can be harmful to a baby’s sensitive system, as it’s still developing.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I paint my toenails while pregnant?

Relax β€” it’s generally considered safe to polish your nails while pregnant (and take advantage of it now, since it’s likely that your nails are growing faster and stronger than ever thanks to pregnancy hormones).

What nail polish brands are safe during pregnancy?

Best Pregnancy-Safe Nail Polish for Expecting Moms

  • Best Vegan Nail Polish : Olive & June Nail Polish.
  • Best Nail Polish Set : Zoya Naked Manicure Women’s Starter Kit.
  • Best for Manicures With Your Kids : Ella + Mila mommy&me Set.
  • Best 1-Coat Polish : Orly Breathable 1-Step Manicure.

Is nail polish smell bad for pregnancy?

The bottom line: A self-manicure or a trip to the salon every few weeks should be fine, but make sure the place is well-ventilated. You won’t get poisoning, but inhaling those fumes might make you nauseous, since you’re more sensitive to smells now.

Are pedicures safe during pregnancy first trimester?

Getting a manicure and pedicure while pregnant is safe – plus, it’s a great way to relax and pamper yourself. (While COVID-19 is still a threat, you may want to hold off on getting a mani-pedi inside a salon. If you do have one, choose a place that’s well ventilated and wear your mask.)

How do I polish my toes while pregnant?

Richard H. Schwartz told Parents, it’s unlikely that brief exposure from polishing your nails will pose a risk to your baby or you. If you want to take additional precautions during your DIY pedicure, the medical experts at the Baby Center recommended that pregnant women should use acetone-free nail polish remover.

Can nail salon fumes cause miscarriage?

If you’re regularly applying acrylic nails, you’re likely to breathe in a lot of the fumes. As well as making you unwell, this may be harmful to your baby. Breathing in the fumes may increase your risk of miscarriage or having a baby with birth defects.

Can I get my hair done while pregnant?

If your pregnancy is progressing well, you can work in a hair salon with a couple of basic precautions. Hairstylists should always wear gloves when coloring or perming hair, Dr. Zanotti says. And ventilation is even more important because you might be exposed to hair dye or other chemicals several times a day.

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