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Can You Mix Different Brands Of Nail Polish Together?

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Mixing only two polish colors is recommended, because mixing more than two colors can make the mixture appear muddy. Normally, using nail polishes with the same base type (glitter, sheer, opaque, matte, etc.) makes for an overall better polish mixture.

Yes, you can technically mix nail products from different brands. It’s highly unlikely that mixing and matching product from different nail brands will have any explosive effects.

Generally Can you mix regular nail polish? Fortunately, if you’re careful and patient, you can! For a simple combined manicure, apply your regular polish and then add a gel topcoat once it’s dry. For a little extra durability, make a gelly sandwich by layering regular polish between 2 gel coats.


Similarly, DIY / Mix Your Own Nail Polish

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I use to mix nail polish?

i used a paper plate as my palette and pink, blue and white nail polish which i mixed together with the dotting tool on a nail art brush – a toothpick would do the trick too!… place dots of polish on the paper plate and stir!

Can I mix gel nail polish brands?

When working with gel polishes, while mixing brands can look good, I would always recommend sticking to one system or brand for longer lasting and more durable nails. While brands use a similar formula to each other, just like liquid & powder acrylic there will always be small differences.

Can you layer nail polish?

It’s not hard to layer nail polish. According to Gibson, layering is one of the easiest ways to achieve next-level nails. All it requires is basic nail painting skills and an experimental mindset, she encourages.

How do you mix old nail polish?

If your nail polish has become dry and thick, then all you need is a bowl of hot water to fix it. Immerse your nail polish bottle in a bowl filled with hot water and leave it there for about 3 minutes. Next, gently roll the bottle back and forth between your palms to shake the polish in it.

How do you mix orange nail polish?

Like colors tend to mix well too. For example, to make a hot orange, mix together a darker orange with a yellow. To make a lighter shade of pink, mix together a deeper pink with white polish. Nail polishes of the same brand tend to blend together the best.

Can you mix brands of nail polish and top coat?

Answer. Mixing different brands of base coat, polish, and top coat can sometimes cause a loss of adhesion leading to chipping, as well as other problems such as yellowing or shifting of nail polish color.

How do you make maroon nail polish?

To make the color maroon, start by mixing together 5 parts primary red with 1 part primary blue.Then, mix in a little bit of primary yellow at a time until you get your desired shade of maroon.

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