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Can You Stamp With UV Gel Polish?

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Can I use regular polish to stamp? Of course! That’s what being creative is all about, finding your way to express yourself! No matter which type of polish you use, the stamping technique is exactly the same.

Because it doesn’t dry on it’s own, gel polish tends to smear instead of scraping cleanly. If you are accustomed to stamping with stamping polish or traditional lacquer, you know that a smear like this often won’t transfer to the stamper. Unfortunately, that is not the case with SOG.

Generally Do nail stickers work with gel? The answer is YES!They work really well, but you need a few times to practice and you’ll get the hang of it. I was always skeptical of the nail stickers I have seen around.

Here You Can Watch The Video Real Time Nail Stamping Application Gel Polish Nail Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you put gel over nail decals?

Answer. Yes, you can embed nail art in gels by completing the following steps. The first step is to prep the nail plate by edging the nail and removing the natural oils from the nail plate. Then apply your bonding agent.

Can you use regular nail polish with stamping?

Do you need special nail polish for stamping? Although people use regular nail polish for stamping, it is not advisable to do so. Nail polishes for stamping are designed to last longer, are creamier, highly-pigmented, and pick up designs easily for a clean and effortless transfer.

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