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It seems like I needed a huge “kick in the ass” to start doing some nail art again. I am sick and tired of simple swatches, so I decided to make a little twist today. Recently I got three gorgeous spring shades from Alessandro Slovenija but I wanted to show you something different. Instead of classic swatches I did a totally springish look using only Alessandro polishes and acrylic paint. Yes, it’t time for cherry blossom freehand nail art. Enjoy!

IMG_3133 23

The above and below seen polishes belong to Alessandr Cosmic Chic spring collection. It’s a great mix of pastel and bright colors. From delicate, femine pastel shades of pink and blue through to metallc particle inspired duochrome electric blue. Cosmic Chic has an inspiriational color to suit every fashionistas taste! Lovely Nina from Alessandro Slovenija sent me over three polish and it was about time to use them! Shades I got are Milky Way (lilac), Cosmic Pink (pink) and Electric Blue (blue). They match perfectly so I went for something a bit more complex and interesting than swatches! I was inspired by lovely Paulina (Paulina’s Passions) and her amazing nail art (check it out here). So, here are some more pictures of the polishes and my end result f cherry blossom freehand nail art…IMG_3138 23 IMG_3146 23 IMG_3151 23 IMG_3172 23 IMG_3178 23 IMG_3196 23

For a base color I used Alessandro Honeymoon and waited for it to dry completely. Then I did a gradient using my usual method with fan brush. I used three Alessandro polishes for gradient: Honeymoon, Milky Way and Electric Blue. I applied one coat of my favorite top coat Poshe. Then I draw some branches using dark brown acrylic paint. The flowers are drawn using three Alessandro polishes: Honeymoon, Hurly Burly and Cosmic Pink. After it, I draw the leaves using acrylic paint ad my detail brush and the manicure was done. To give it some sparkle I topcoated it with ILNP My Private Rainbow (X) and finished the manicure with another coat of Poshe.IMG_2629 23 IMG_2672 23

IMG_2653 23

Simple as that, right? 🙂 Well, not really! I was struggling these days a lot with my nail art, because the new job I have is very energy consuming. I have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately zero time to accomplish them. Thanks to Monika from Sugarlove Blog, who totally understands me, because she is a young mother too, I got some energy and started working on my ideas! Monika is a great and very kind friend with an amazing blog, so make sure to go over and check out her page! 🙂 If you need some fresh energy, than Sugarlove blog is the best place for you!

I really hope you enjoyed my post and stay tuned for more nail art. I plan to change my post schedules a bit, so there shall be more nail art and nail polish in the future again! Thank you for reading and if you liked my post, feel free to share it or comment it! <3

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  1. uh tole pa je orng spomladanski post in manikura. Je še mene zamikalo, da bi kj ustvarila. P.s ena mala brca v rit je bila, da ne pozabiš kako rada imaš svoj blog in da je treba kdaj kanček časa posvetiti tudi sebi, ne glede na to, da si mamica. Ko boš pa v ritmu vsega dogajanja, bo veliko lažje in enostavno in boš ti druge motivirala. In hvala za lepe besede :).

  2. OMG. Tara, to je ena najbolj čudovitih manikur, kar sem jih videla. Vse paše skupaj. Že tako obožujem češnjeve cvetove, ma tole je samo pika na i. Res ČUDOVITO! <3

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