Hello ladies!
It’s been a while again… I know! But it seems that things are getting back to normal again! My son has now moved to his own room, and I am setting up my new place for photography and blogging! How exciting, right? And because summer is already here I am presenting you my favorite summer fragrance of the year… The newest fragrance from the CK family – CK All.

As you already know, I am a huge sucker for fresh, citrus fragrances. Well, this one is definitely one of them. It opens with citrus notes, where honestly I can only smell mandarin. The heart of the perfume includes citrus blossom and the Paradisone molecule, an intensified version of the Hedione molecule with the scent of jasmine. The base is a bit warm and kinda oriental, adding a touch of amber, which remains quite strong in the end. The main bright side of this fume is that it is unisex. Not that I like that both me and my darling smell the same, but still… 🙂 It’s perfect for summer holidays, trips and vacations. Longevity and projection are also good if not even excellent. I have forgotten to mention the price – only about 30 € for 50ml. It is available in major drugstores worldwide. I think it is a great summer deal.  I am not wearing it every day, cuz I have tones of fragrances, but if I had to choose only one fragrance for the summer, it would always be CK.
CK All Just Be 2 CK All Just Be

And yes, I know… It might be cliche, generic and  created for masses… And if I am honest, I don’t really care what others have to say… Because CK All teaches us to – JUST BE!

I wish you all a nice and pleasant weekend! Talk to you soon! :*

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