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So, I have decided last Friday, that Friday will be a comparison post day. If you remember, last time I did a comparison of peach & mint polishes, but today I have chosen only one colour to compare. What I was looking for this time, are purple holographic nail polishes. From the lightest, almost silver, to the darkest, almost black. I really enjoyed making these swatches for you, so I hope you will have fun reading this post, and what is more important, that you will find it useful. Check the details after the jump.

For this comparison post I have chosen to show you all my purple holographic polishes – all together 29 of them. It sounds like a lot of purple holos, but come on… there are never enough holos, right? As a huge sucker for holos, I wish I had all the holos of the world! 🙂 Here is a closer look of the swatch wheels.

Firstly, I am showing you the lightest ten shades of purple holos. There seven linear holos and three scatter holos. The colours are mostly lilac, but there some darker shades too. In the table you can see all the important characteristics, which will make your choice easier (or harder!). 

When it comes to dupes, there could be two pairs among these ten polishes, but I would rather say it is only one. The polishes that look the same to me are ILNP – Charmingly Purple and Echoes Polish – You Can’t Fire Me. I can’t see a single difference between the two. Maybe the colour of Charmingly Purple looks a bit pinkish on the pictures, but in person they look the same. The second pair could be the El Corazon – Lepidolite and Picture Polish – Lizzie pair, but the formula is different. Lepidolite has a more sliky formula than Lizzie, and it is a bit sheerer. Also, the colour of Lizzie is slightly more grayish.
Here is the table and the swatches. Take a look at them, and you will see exactly I am talking about.

The second table is showing the medium dark purple holos. My favourite among these is Literary Lacquers – Rebecca, Always Rebecca. This one has such a beautiful holographic sparkle, that makes you blind! I wish it would be a shade lighter, but still… the sparkle wins! 🙂 No dupes among these ten – at least I can not see them! 🙂

Here is the third table. It shows the darkest purple holos from my stash. There are potential dupes among these, but then again… for exaple F.U.N Lacquer Anna has an amazing pinkish shimmer, which is deffinitely not the case with Marbles For Polish – Raven. The same applies to Pahlish – Violet Gumdrops and Echoes Polish – Crisp Air. Violet Gumdrops has an amazing amount of gold, copper and pink metallic flakes unlike Crisp Air, which is just a simple holo. Take a look at the comparisons on the pictures below. 🙂

Quite a lot of purple and a lot of holo for one post, right? 🙂 But I like them soooo much! Every single polish is special in its own way. I prefer lighter shades, but then again, there are awesome dark holos among these. And of course, there are still a lot of purple holos on my wishlist, so I will be probably adding some comparison posts of them soon! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post and I wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of sunshine and happiness! 🙂

<3 LOVE <3


  1. Szuper volt ez a poszt, mennyi lila holo egy helyen 🙂 Nekem innen a 2. és a 3. a kedvencem, a készletemből pedig az ILNP Dreaming in violet és a F.U.N. Evening gown 🙂

  2. Holy molly, we are wish sisters! I was reading your post and I'm like 29 purple holographic polishes, damn she's lucky… then I saw that we have the same wish. To own all the holos in the world. My son says that I'm obsessed. Thanks to me wish list just got a lot longer.

    • Well, we are obsessed! <3 And personally, I don't care much! 🙂
      The two polishes need an aqua base, because it makes the application easier… otherwise there will stay some unpolished spots…

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