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Do You Need A Base Coat With Vinylux?

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Apply one thin layer of CND™ VINYLUX™ Color Coat to extension edge and nail surface.3.Apply a second thin layer of Color Coat to the nail surface. The second layer will provide additional coverage and color, refining and perfecting the tiny free margins with each layer.

VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish features adhesion promoters making the polish self- adhering to the natural nail. Therefore there’s no need for base coat.

Generally How does Vinylux polish work? Here’s how it works: You apply Vinylux like nail polish, but with no base coat. It’s designed to adhere directly to your nail and form a vinyl-like texture that won’t chip like regular polish. You don’t need to buff the bejesus out of your nails first, either. Just keep them clean and dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does Vinylux need a top coat?

Q. What makes VINYLUX bond to the nail without a base coat? A. No, the VINYLUX Top Coat has our innovative Pro-light technology with photo initiators and becomes more durable with exposure to natural light.

Is Vinylux good for your nails?

This is a shellac polish that requires only 2 coats and then it hardens with exposure to ambient light. Importantly for nail health, Vinylux is removed with regular nail polish remover so is less damaging to the nails.

How long does Vinylux last?

Conclusion: The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System lasts an average of 5 full days without chipping.

How do you make Vinylux last?

SUMMARY – Vinylux will last a week if you take the following steps. Shake Vinylux very vigorously and apply two coats. Always use with a Vinylux Top Coat. Use gloves when doing dishes, gardening, and other chores to protect your nails, and take care with your nails as they are jewels not tools.

Is Vinylux fast drying?

Give yourself around eight minutes and a half to have it all dried up and the moment you expose the polish to UV light, it hardens. The short dry time is majorly because, similar to traditional polish, Vinylux dries up trough evaporation but with a little exposure to sunlight, it polymerizes thus hardening it further.

Is Vinylux better than shellac?

If you’re busy and don’t want to worry about your nails for a couple of weeks, then CND Shellac is probably for you. But if you want to be able to switch up your nail polish whenever you feel like it, opt for CND Vinylux. You’ll still get at least a week’s wear out of your polish if you apply it properly.

Does CND Vinylux need UV light?

Vinylux features self-adhering technology in the polish, meaning no basecoat is required. You apply two coats of your preferred color, waiting a minute between each coat, then apply the specially formulated topcoat. The topcoat is cured in natural light, meaning no UV exposure is required.

Does CND Vinylux damage nails?

The CND Vinylux Polish was just as easy to remove as any regular polish and I didn’t experience any nail damage upon removal. Overall I was impressed with the wear of the polish since as I mentioned I’m usually chipping at day 3 and changing by day 5.

Can I use CND Vinylux with regular polish?

Yes you can wear it with any polish. I tend to interchange all my nail products. That being said, the cool things about Vinylux is that when used as a two part system your nails actually harden under natural light!

What is Vinylux top coat?

Description. CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat creates long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time. The CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat will fully dry in 8 and a half minutes and features a brilliant shine that lasts with easy removal. This is the final layer that completes the Vinylux system.

How do you remove Vinylux nail polish?

Saturate a plastic-backed, lint-free pad with CND Shellac™ Nourishing Remover. Place pad on the nail plate only and hold for five seconds. 4. Use firm pressure along with a circular motion to remove the color from the nail plate.

Is CND Vinylux any good?

Vinylux definitely stays on better than regular polish, but you can tell the finish just isn’t as shiny as it could be. Also, you can see imperfections in the surface of the nail more than with Shellac, or even compared to most regular polishes (when used with a ridge-filling base coat).

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