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Do You Put Top Coat Over Nail Wraps?

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The strips already have a top coat on them, but some of them are shinier than others. If you love that gel look, apply a quick drying top coat on top like Poshe to give it a nice glossy look. Wrapping the top coat over the tips of the nails will also give it a longer time before you see tip wear.

We definitely recommend using a topcoat to seal the deal and make your nail wraps last even longer, but we’ve found it is actually more effective a few hours after application.

Generally Can you put a clear coat over nail strips? The nail polish strips are 100% real polish. They contain base coat, color and top coat all in one strip. You don’t need other nail products when using Color Street, but it won’t affect the product if you want to use a clear coat on top or a nail strengthener underneath.

Here You Can Watch The Video Yes! You can use base coats and top coats with Color Street!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you put a topcoat on color Street nail strips?

It contains base coat, color and top coat all within the strip. You shouldn’t need other nail products when using Color Street, though you could definitely use a top coat if you want.

Should you put a top coat over nail stickers?

Apply 2 coats of a top coat (or gel/shellac top coat) over the entire nail and the stickers to seal and protect stickers. This will also make your manicure last longer and smooth out the edges of the stickers.

What is the top coat for nail stickers?

A quality clear top coat can help protect your nail wraps and ensure you get the longest wear time possible!

  • 3 Best Top Coats for Nail Wraps.
  • Essie Gel Setter.
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails.
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

How do you keep color street from chipping?

The best way to help prevent the cracking is to layer, layer, layer. You can double up on the same color by using the other side of the strip, apply a different color, or even a clear overlay like this one. You don’t even HAVE to use Color Street.

Why are my color Street nails peeling off?

But if your healthy nails start peeling after using color street then it’s probably because you used a remover with acetone in it. It is the acetone in the remover and not the polish strips that make nails dry out, split and peel. Switch to an acetone-free remover and you should start to see an improvement.

How long should I wait to put a top coat over color Street?

Even though the nail polish strips are completely dry, the adhesive needs about 3 hours to fully cure. If you wait to apply before bed it will give you a lot of time for it to cure while you are sleeping. 3. Avoid hot water or a lot of hand washing before the nail strips have fully cured.

How long does it take color street to cure?

Apply before bed. Although you apply Color Street strips dry, there is still a curing process. It takes about 30-ish minutes to fully harden. When you do them before bed they are allowed to harden overnight and not be exposed to any harsh activities.

How long do color Street nail strips last?

Color Street makes 100% nail polish strips that are supposed to be easy to apply and last for roughly two weeks.

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