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Let’s start a new year with a quick comparison of my favorite products from 2016. Last year’s huge trend were matte lips. No doubt at all. I was wearing them a lot as well and I have realized I had some possible dupes in my collection. Of course, I am talking about MAC and Avon matte lipsticks and I am making this dupe hunter post to make you life easier! Let’s have a look!

MAC and Avon Matte Lipsticks

If I am honest, I had this post in my mind for months, but never had enough time to finish it… Comparison posts are very time-consuming. Today I am comparing beautiful red shade lipsticks MAC Ruby Woo and Avon Ruby Kiss, as well as gorgeous nude shades MAC Honeylove and Avon Au Naturale. I was writing about MAC Ruby Woo about a year ago, so you can check my thought from back then here. Now, I will drop you some short notes about the ranges and then we will move on to swatches!

  1. If you are coming from this tiny little country of Slovenia (as I do), the first thing you shoud know is that MAC Cosmetics isn’t available in Slovenia. Unfortunately! It is however available in Croatia, Italy and Austria, so no worries! 🙂 On the other hand, Avon is available only via catalogue sale, so you can not see the products in real life before buying them.
  2. There is a huge difference in prices, because MAC lispticks are about 20€ and Avon lipsticks can be found for 4-5€. I think, this tells you a lot about the advantage that Avon got with this one.
  3. I think Avon lipsticks have a nicer texture and can be applied easier than MAC. The main reason for this is in fact that MAC Ruby Woo is a true retro matte shade, which means you have to prep your lips really good in order to avoid any cracks and drying.
  4. MAC matte lipsticks have almost no tranfer after applying in comparison to Avon, which has some. This can be nicely seen on one of the pictures below.

You can see from the listing below that it is really hard to declare a winner. So, let’s have a closer look at the shades I have chosen to compare.


MAC Ruby Woo – Avon Ruby Kiss

mac-ruby-woo-avon-ruby-kiss avon-mac-dupes

I think the name says a lot. It is totally obvious, that Avon was looking for a dupe of Ruby Woo when making this shade. But, the shades are not totally similar. Looking from far away and on the lips there is almost no difference, but if you have a closer look, you will see there is a lot more of pink undertone in Avon Ruby Kiss than in MAC Ruby Woo. You can see them side by side on my lips (left part of the picture MAC, right Avon). I would say there is really a tiny difference. Here you can also see there is a bit more of transfer with Avon shade. Otherwise, the shades are great. MAC Ruby Woo lasts much longer on my lips than Avon, so I have to say I would still choose MAC Ruby Woo for my number one red. Can you really spot the difference on my lips?

(left MAC Ruby Woo, right Avon Ruby Kiss)
(left MAC Ruby Woo, right Avon Ruby Kiss)

MAC Honeylove – Avon Au Naturale

mac-honeylove-avon-au-naturale mac-avon-dupes-3

When it comes to these two nudes I have to say Avon Au Naturale is a total winner. The main reason is the fact that MAC Honeylove isn’t really matte, it’s satin matte I would say. For example, it doesn’t even belong to the same retro matte range as Ruby Woo does. This means it’s not so long-lasting as I thought it would be. It is ok, but for 20€ I expect more. The warm nude color is still perfect for everyday makeup, so I am wearing it a lot, but I prefer to wear Avon Au Naturale, because I know it will still be there after I drink a cup of coffee. Otherwise, the shades seem completely the same to me – check my lips below to see them side by side. No way you could see I wearing actually to different lipsticks, right? 🙂 I deffinitely recommend Au Naturale over Honeylove, it’s really matte and it’s cheaper, so you can buy some backups for example instead! 🙂

(left MAC Honeylove, right Avon Au Naturale)
(left MAC Honeylove, right Avon Au Naturale)

mac and avon matte lipsticks dupes

Ok, now you expect from me to declare a winner. I actually can’t. They are both really good, but they also have some cons. As stated before, I would stick to MAC Ruby Woo and Avon Au Naturale. It’s a win-win for both brands. 🙂 Do you have your favorites? I know Avon Matte lipsticks are really popular in Slovenia, so I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts, so please, feel free to leave a comment. Let’s see if we can find some more dupes for my future posts… Until then… :*

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