Hello ladies!
Last week I got some new Cosnova products for testing, and among all the goodies I immediately grabbed this one. An entire new line of Essence nail polishes just reached our drugstores, it’s called Essence Out of Space Stories collection. It is a seven piece collection consisting of holographic, duochrome and very shimmery nail polishes which are giving our drugstores another nail polish dimension. Check below to see more…

Essence Out of Space Stories

I got a pearly rose shade with a lot of aqua blue shimmer… It’s name is Outta space is the place. It is gorgeous and super hard to take a proper picture of. I suffered for an hour and this is the best I could do. The shift is so beautiful that it cought attention of all my co-workers, even male co-workers. It was such a good feeling and make me think for a second…

Anyway, I was really surprised by the formula. Great coverege (two coats), easy applying, no problems at all! And what’s the best – it lasted for a week on my nails! Untouched! Now all I need are 10 minutes more per day to rush into our biggest drugstore and get some more! Can’t wait! 🙂 If I am totally honest, I am not sure about it’s price (will check it however and will update the post), but is surely not more than 5 eur. 🙂 Enjoy the swatches below!

essence out of space stories

Have you tried any of the polishes from the collection? What do you think? I think the polishes have a great value for little money, so I highly recommend you to try them out! 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed my review and my pictures! Talk to you soon….

Essence: Webpage, Facebook, Instagram

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  1. Jelena Kovačević Reply

    Nisam probala lakove iz ove kolekcije, veoma mi se dopada nijansa koju si nam pokazala. Inace obozavam Essence lakove i ne sumnjam da je i ova kolekcija dobar izbor!

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Hvala Jelena! Meni su stvarno super i baš su napravili nešto posebno! 🙂

  2. Zdaj ko sem prebrala post, mi je zal da prejsnjic nisem vzela nobenega iz te kolekcije. Odtenek zgleda cudovit ?

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Potem pa hitro v prvo drogerijo! 🙂 Ne bo ti žal! <3

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Hvala Kim! In ja, res je odbit! 🙂

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Me veseli,da sem te prepričala! Upam, da boš zelo zadovoljna! 🙂 Na nohtih je zeloooo perlast!

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