guerlain-stop-spot Good evening girls!
Still under impressions of the great Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp which took place on Friday I decided to post something different. You all know me with makeup, and I rarely post pictures without, so today I will show you a product which helps me a lot in my everyday skincare and makeup routine. I will talk about a SOS product Guerlain Stop Spot, which was released this summer and I am using it ever since! For details check below…

Guerlain Stop Spot

This summer I was at the Guerlain presentation of new products, and one product immediately caught my eye. It had a nice lime green tube with chrome cover – I am so in love with chrome parts of packaging. And this Guerlain Stop Spot product happened to be just the one I needed. As you may (or not) know, I am a person who has a lot of redness on my skin, and sometimes I get an unwanted pimple as well. I am using Guerlain Stop Spot now to solve my problems, because this is the best anti-blemish product I have found so far. The texture has a nice beige color, which suits my skin perfectly and it is very thick but nicely spreadable, so a little goes a long way. It can be used for instant but also long-term results. If applied localy on the imperfections it camouflages them and gives a nice matt finish, which is also great for my T-zone. I am using it on my cheeks and my chin to cover the redness and also on my forhead where I start shining very fast. However, it can also be used as a day or night treatment, but if I am honest, I am not using it. I am saving it for my SOS problems. 🙂 It is certainly a product I would recommend to everyone with these kind of problems, because after two months of use I have experienced also a long-term result. The redness on my cheeks is lighter which is a huge success for me. The price is also reasonable for Guerlain products – around 30€ for 15ml. Guerlain Stop Spot is available worldwide in major drugstores.

guerlain-stop-spot-2 guerlain-stop-spot-1 guerlain-stop-spot-3 guerlain-stop-spot-5 guerlain stop spot review guerlain stop spot applicationWhich product is your SOS product? What are you using it for? I am so happy I have found this one because it helps me a lot, and sometimes I don’t even have to use makeup to look decentely. 🙂 Next week I am preparing a little surprise for you again, so make sure to stay around and check my social media as well. Untill then my dear beauties… :*

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