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Another Tuesday is here, which means it is time for another guest post. I know you are used to seeing some great stuff from my guests so I have a great girl over here again. Last week I hosted Melanie from the Iparallaxe blog. From France, we are travelling back to Central Europe, to Hungary exactly. So, who is she?

She is a super creative person. She loves decorating things, so nails are not an exception here! She is a huge fan of stamping and nail art. I am presenting you a Hungarian blogger, called Ciska. She prepared something great for us today, so let’s see what she got! 🙂

Hello! I’m so thankful to Tara for inviting me as a guest blogger. I was never a guest blogger before and I really like her blog, it’s really
professional, so it means so much to me. Let me introduce myself shortly. I’m Ciska from Hungary. I write my blog (Unaloműzés alapfokon w/ Ciiska)
since one and a half year and I started this whole stamping thing one year ago.

For today I did a double stamping, this is my
favourite technique. Very easy and spectacular. First I used 2 coats of Dance Legend Throught
the glass.

stamped on my ring and middle fingers with my favourite pattern from Pet’la
Plate „Three times”. On my cuticles I applied one coat of Miss Sporty Peel
off base for the easier clean up.

The 3rd step was again stamping with Pet’la
Plate „Spinning”. I chose the big curly pattern to stamp it over the previous
stamping design. I tried them on paper before, it’s really helpful in finding matching patterns
and we can see them together before.

And the 4th step was the fixing with China
Glaze Fast forward (that’s my favourite topcoat, I use it almost for every

I only have one single problem with this technique,
it’s hard to find patterns that look great when matched together. 🙂 Here you can see the used products:

Thank you Tara for the chance to be a guest
blogger on your blog!

I think Ciska did a great job with this double stamping. I actually never thought about matching different designs for double stamping. I am always going for the same design to give a certain depth to the manicure, but this looks amazing as well. Very interesting choice and I love it! 🙂 Specially because it is stamped over one of my favourite Dance Legend polishes! 🙂
What do you girls think about this manicure? 🙂 I would really like to thank Ciska that she took her time and made something for my blog. Thanks a lot dear! <3
Stay tuned for more and more… nail art, swatches, guest posts… <3


  1. Gratulálok Ciiska az első vendégbloggerkedésednek. 🙂 Csudajó lett a manikűr. 🙂

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