Morning girls!

I have just realized that days are flying! I think it was yesterday when I posted my guest post from the lovely Dutch lady Diana, and now here is another Tuesday! How the hell? What have I done in the past couple of days? I mean… is it the spring, or what is going on? 🙂 I really need to relax a bit… 🙂

Anyway, today I am hosting one of my favourite bloggers. She is French. She is a professional photographer. She is awesome. Her photos are mindblowing. She is Melanie from the french Iparallaxe blog. I became friends with her recently, but I said, why not ask her if she would write something for you guys. And she said YES!! – (I wrote this like I have asked her to marry me! :)). She prepared an amazing thing for you dear ladies, so check the post below! 🙂

Hello! I’m Melanie, the owner of the french blog I was very honored when Tara asked me if I wanted to write a
post for her beautiful blog.

For this post, I decided to go for a watermarble manicure,
as it’s my favorite type of nail art (and I’m always trying to improve my
watermarble skills!)

I first applied 2 coats of black nail polish, and then I
used three different polishes to create my watermarble: Lilypad Lacquer
In Bloom, A England Encore Margot and Dance Legend Gothic Veil. As usual, I protected
my fingers around my nails with liquid latex.

I love to use both linear et scattered holographic polishes
on my watermarble, as well as multichrome polishes. Depending on the light,
Lilypad Lacquer In Bloom appears blue or purple, and I loooove this effect.

I hope you will like this design, and thank you Tara for
inviting me 🙂

When I saw this beautiful creature from Melanie, I need couple of minutes to calm down… This is GORGEOUS! Yap, with caps! I just can not get over her watermarble and photography skills. I mean, ok, I get, she does that for a living (the photography part!), but still… I was always looking after her swatches online and now I had a chance to host her here on my little blog.

I am really honored that Melanie agreed to write something for us! Thank you so much Melanie once again! I hope you guys enjoyed her post and I would like to invite you to stay with me in the future for more swatches, nail arts, guest posts and much more!

<3 Stay polished <3


  1. Igazán gyönyörű ez a manikűr, Melanie csodásakat alkot, igazán igényes, és a blogja is szuper 🙂
    Nagyon tetszenek ezek a vendégposztos bejegyzések 🙂

    • Ugye? 🙂 Nekem is nagyon tetszet, ugy hogy csinaltam mar valami hasonlot, csak nem watermarble lett hanem stamping! 🙂

  2. Ó, ez csodálatos manikűr! Melanie blogja álomszép! Gratulálok Tara, nagyon szuper ez a vendégposztos sorozat, fantasztikus posztok születnek a csodás blogodban. 🙂

  3. Tara you are right this is GORGEOUS!!! I mean how can you go wrong with a holo water marble?!
    I'm headed over to Melanie's blog now to add her to my feed.

    • That is true! You just can't go wrong with it, unless you suck at it, like I do! 🙂

  4. This is a unique looking water-marble. Melanie did a great job indeed!
    I saw above that some girls commented in Hungarian. Do you know this language, because I am Hungarian too and it would be easier to wright in my mother language!

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