Mens sana in corpore sano! – oh, I haven’t started writing in Latin language, just thought about sharing with you my weight-loss process! If you saw my last two posts, then you know I have already lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do! However, I feel a lot more self confident already and my mind is definitely responding well to this healthy body change. But let’s start at the beginning – I will share with you my entire weight-loss plan!

I was never skinny! That’s a fact! It is genetics, and I can not work against it. But I used to look good. Not skinny, not like a model, but totally good. Abandoning regular training and workout in combination with my pregnancy, caused me lot of troubles. I started seriously thinking about my future like an overweight person last summer. Unfortunately, without any training our fitness I couldn’t get far, so during the winter all the kilos were back. Oh what the hell!

This spring was a turnover point. It was just enough! Not that I wasn’t satisfied with myself, but I knew that the entire thing was wrong. I knew that I need to do something because I wasn’t happy and healthy. Luckily, I have a normal job, without stress, so for two or three months I was eating way less than before. I wasn’t starving, just eating less – mostly salads and fruit! And I already saw the results. Then I knew it is time to add a bit of workout! May was just the perfect time to start, because there was a major fitness project running in Slovenia at that time. It was a high intensity interval training – but I wasn’t pushing it too hard.  As an asthmatic, I have some issues with high intensity training, but I knew that any workout is better than none. And this proved to be true of course! At the beginning of July, when the challenge ended, I had 7 kg less. Looking back – it was hard, sometimes I thought I will just faint, but I kept fighting. My entire body started looking more like me again. And I was happy. After couple of years, I finally felt happy.

But this was just a good starting point for another round of weight loss. I started training nine pin bowling again, which means 3x trainings per week + 1/2 times per week cycling, running or walking to the mountains. This means regular workout. In combination with less eating and healthy eating (no sugar, no bread, with lot of vegies and proteins) it started working really quickly again! By this time I can say I lost all together 14 kg. Which is already a lot. But know I am facing a big problem – I don’t have enough energy  for all the workout. So I have to change something in my eating routine! Quickly!

Luckily, I found a person who can help me. Her name is Anja and she is a nutritionist and creator of the above seen Fit planner. She prepared a special nutrition program for me, based on my age, weight, my trainings… The entire thing is based on the fact that I have to burn more calories than I take in. A lot more proteins for me, including some protein supplies. I have to admit that I am struggling sometimes, because I have to eat more than I used to in last couple of months… But I am giving my best! And I am sure I am on a good way. I will keep you posted about my progress on my blog and my Instagram page as well. Hopefully, we we have a lot to talk about! 🙂

If I am honest – yes, sometimes I do have a crisis! I can’t say no to good ice cream for example, but I am trying to force my mind not to resist. Of course, sometimes I have to award myself for my progress, so a scoop is not really a problem! 🙂 But that is basically it – no more sugar for me! Sugar, meaning sweet treats. No crap fast food – I am trying to clean my body as much as I can! Also, I keep awarding myself with new clothes and I am happy to share those things with my readers as well.

Anyway – there is a long way to go and I hope to receive some support from you guys as well. Just to fill up this post a bit, I have found some useful pictures in my gallery (can you guess where the pics where taken?), but the author of the first picture is Anja. Sharing this photo is a must, because I love meet so much and the picture is presenting my dream meal actually! I am pretty sure, she did a perfect job with this one and I am already looking forward to the results of my healthy eating project…

I would really appreciate your feedback – feel free to comment or share this post with your friends! Maybe it will encourage some people to start thinking about their body, their health and their mind! Stay tuned for more updates – soon! :*

healthy body
Photo by Anja Žagar


    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Hvala Ajda! Ko se prihodnjič vidiva bo še bolje 🙂

  1. Draga Tara, rečem ti lahko samo kapo dol. Vem, kako naporno, včasih mučno se je spraviti v formo v porodu. Vem, kako je imeti krizo, skoraj obupati, pa se nekako spet dati zraven. Izredno sem vesela zate, za tvoj izziv, izgubljene kilograme in ti želim , da ti športnega zagona nikoli ne zmanjka, da se v svojem telesu dobro počutiš in da si zdrava. Pogumno naprej in vse lepo ti želim. Monika

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