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How Do I Make My Nail Polish Matte Without A Top Coat?

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Steam it!

  1. Invest in a clear matte top coat. Similar to how a clear lip gloss in your collection can turn up the shine of all of your lipsticks, investing in a clear matte top coat can give even regular nail polishes a matte finish.
  2. Mix it with some talc.
  3. Buff the polish.
  4. Use a powdered blush.
  5. Steam it!

Add a smidge of baking powder, cornstarch, or finely-milled flour to a small nail polish bowl and mix a few drops of nail color into it with a toothpick. Once fully mixed, use the nail polish brush to apply the color to your nails.

Generally How do you make nail polish matte with cornstarch? Powder. Another popular way to make your nail polish matte is by mixing it with a powder of some kind. This usually includes cornstarch, baking powder, or even fine flour. To do this, place a few drops of your polish in a clean dish, and then mix in tiny amounts of the powder into it with a toothpick.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you make a matte top coat nail polish?

If you want to make a matte topcoat, you will need clear nail polish and cornstarch/cornflour. You can apply this topcoat over any manicure to make it matte. If you want to make regular matte nail polish, you will need a solid-colored polish and cornstarch or cornflour.

How do you make baby matte nails with powder?

If you do not have cornstarch handy, you can use baby powder to achieve the same matte effect on your nails. Just add a few drops of nail polish in a clean bowl or plate and add the baby powder to it. Mix the powder thoroughly with a toothpick. Make sure you only use tiny amounts of powder at a time.

Can I put matte over gloss nails?

Apply OPI Matte Top Coat to the tips of your glossy Mani to create a fun Matte tip French look. Or try it in reverse with a Matte nail and glossy French tip created with OPI Top Coat.

Does matte nail polish need a top coat?

Top that: Since it is not recommended that you use both a base and top coat for matte polishes, two surefire ways to make regular polish stay longer, why not turn your regular polish matte instead? A matte top coat is the perfect solution.

Can you do nails without top coat?

The trick : Simple Add a drop of cuticle oil before buffing. It gives such an amazing shine to the nail that you would never know there was no topcoat applied.

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