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How Do You Do Blood Splatter Nails With Straw?

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Add Nail Polish Add drops of nail polish to a container of water to add a marbling effect to vases.

Dip the tip of the cocktail straw into the diluted red polish, completely covering the tip. Then, place it 1 inch from the surface of a nail and blow nail polish out through the straw. The paint will splatter over the white surface of the nail. Continue on all of the nails.

Generally What happens when you mix water and nail polish? They don’t mix readily, just like oil (another organic) and water don’t mix. When you drop the nail polish into the water, it won’t mix because of the above. Additionally, because the organics tend to have low surface tensions (don’t clump together), the polish spreads out over the surface of the water.

Here You Can Watch The Video Spray Painting Splatter Nail Art Tutorial & Easy Nail Designs


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you swirl nail polish with a toothpick?

You can make some amazing designs with a technique called drag marbling. First apply a thick coat of your base colour on your nail. While it’s still wet, dab a bit of a contrasting colour on your nail using a toothpick. Then, working quickly, drag designs through the wet polish.

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