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How Does Breathable Nail Polish Work?

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There is no need for a base coat or topcoat. The polish is thick, but not gloopy. It applies beautifully and evenly. The rich and long-lasting formula will resist chipping and damage for more than a week.

Breathable nail polish (or the more technically suitable term ‘water permeable’) is a type of nail polish formula that allows water and oxygen to pass through to the nail via a staggered molecular structure that creates (really) tiny holes.

Generally Is Orly breathable nail polish breathable? BREATHABLE 1-STEP MANICURE Our ORLY Breathable 1-Step nail polish, there’s no need to use a base or topcoat. This Breathable nail polish offers treatment, colour and shine with Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 & Vitamin C.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does it take for ORLY to dry?

around 7 to 10 minutes Let The Polish Dry And Fully Set It should take your nail polish around 7 to 10 minutes to dry. Wait patiently for the polish to set to prevent any denting from occurring during this waiting time. You can also use cool hair to speed the drying time. You can either use a fan or hairdryer to do the job.

Does Orly breathable nail polish need UV light?

ORLY Gel Nail Color requires curing under a UV/LED Lamp and should be used with ORLY Gel Essentials including Primer, Basecoat, and Topcoat. ORLY Gel Nail Color provides high-shine, chip-resistant manicures that will wear for up to three weeks.

Does Breathable nail polish take longer to dry?

It Dries Faster: Because oxygen can permeate through the polish as it dries, you’re likely to experience a shorter wait time for your nails to dry completely. It Lasts Longer: Breathable polish just might be more durable than regular polish.

How long does Orly breathable nail polish last?

After my first test, just two coats of the ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color polish lasted me an impressive 5 days without any significant chipping (which is about the same as my Julep polishes, but not quite as long as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels).

Is Orly good for your nails?

ORLY Nail Defense It contains calcium, wheat protein, and an antioxidant. These ingredients work to repair, fortify and strengthen your nails. If your nails are weak and prone to breakage, this is the perfect nail polish to fix them.

Can you pray with breathable nail polish?

At this point in time, it’s not possible to state definitively that breathable nail polish is Halal. Hence, we don’t advise you to pray with breathable nail polish as it doesn’t constitute a legitimate prayer.

Is breathable nail polish good for toenail fungus?

We chose this because unlike other nail polishes that don’t let nails breathe and can trap nail fungus, this is made with vegan silk that is breathable and actually allows air and moisture to pass through.

Does Orly need a top coat?

Just as base coat is super important, topcoat is a must! If you want your at-home manicure to last longer, to resist chipping and to look salon-perfect you have to finish with a topcoat! Wait until your nail polish is fully dry and apply your topcoat.

Should you wait for first coat of nail polish to dry?

2 minutes. Yup, 2 full minutes between the base coat and the color, two minutes between color coats, and then two minutes before the top coat goes on. She says that’s all you need to wait in between to get a dry enough surface to get the next layer to adhere.

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