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How Does Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Work?

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A new nail trend, nicknamed cat eye nails, is making the rounds on Instagram. The look involves a diagonal line drawn directly through the middle of your nail, and much like actual cat eyes, the lines vary. Some are straight, some are wonky, some are thick, some are thin.

How does Cat Eye Gel Polish work? The Cat Eye effect is created due to magnetised particles in the gel polish. When you place your magnet over the Cat Eye polish, the magnet will attract to these particles and create amazing patterns on your nails!

Generally Are cat eye nails still in style? Multicoloured nails have been in trend since 2020, and now, we love it way more with the cat-eye effect. If you love a gradient style, this look is just for you! The black and gold cat-eye effect creates a perfect illusion of a starry night.

Here You Can Watch The Video How To Create Cat Eye Nails – YouTube

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are cat eye nails popular?

Cat Eye Manicures Are the Newest Nail Trend. And they probably look different than what you’re expecting. While a cat eye has long been a staple in makeup, it’s now made the move over to your manicure.

Why is it called cat eye nail polish?

Cat Eye manicure has earned its name from the narrow line of light that shimmers in the middle of the nail polish. Resembling the eye of a cat, the cat eye gel nails effect is still the hottest in the market!

Can you use a regular magnet for magnetic nail polish?

You can use different magnetic nail polish magnets on different magnetic nail polish colors, but a magnet cannot be used on regular nail polish. You can apply a first coat of regular nail polish in a similar color as your magnetic polish to conserve the more expensive magnetic polish.

What is magnetic gel polish?

What is magnetic nail polish? Magnetic polish gives your nails a textured effect by using metallic particles in the polish that can be activated by a magnet that is included in the cap of the nail polish.

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