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How Long Do Lily And Fox Nail Wraps Last?

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Other people don’t have a problem with them at all. Like I said above, Lily and Fox nail polish strips are made with real nail polish but they have a backing on them that prevents nail damage. If your nails have been damaged by other nail strips you should definitely give Lily and Fox a try.

14 days How long do Lily & Fox nail wraps last? According to customer service, their nail wraps last for 14 days.

Generally What is comparable to color Street nails? There are a number of similarities between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut nails. They are all made by the same company and founder Fa Park. Incoco Headquarters is located in Clifton, New Jersey, U.S.A where they produce all Color Street, Coconut, and Incoco nail strips.

Here You Can Watch The Video Review of Color Street, Dashing Diva, Lily & Fox and Incoco


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do Lily and Fox nails dry strips?

Answer: The composition of Lily and Fox nails is different than Color Street, and they actually don’t dry out. So you can open them up and leave them out and they’ll be perfectly fine to use again later.

Are nail wraps better than polish?

Nail technicians would layer them over the natural nail, apply glue, a resin, and/or nail polish, and shape the nail. A nail wrap provides for a softer and more bendable nail surface that isn’t quite as thick as acrylic and is generally healthier for the nail. It’s also quite a bit more comfortable to wear.

Why are my color Street nails cracking on my nails?

Rest assured this is not a problem with the nail polish strips themselves or your Color Street application. Cracking is a normal effect from your nails expanding and contracting. Nails are incredibly absorbent and take in water causing them to swell or expand. However, when they dry the nail will contract and shrink.

Can you peel off nail wraps?

How do I remove them? Apply oil to the flat end of the wooden cuticle stick and gently shimmy it underneath the edges to loosen the nail wrap, OR wipe clean with acetone-free nail polish remover.

Are nail wraps safe?

The wraps themselves aren’t damaging your nails – however, not removing them properly may cause damage.

Should I use a base coat with nail wraps?

The package directions should advise you to apply a base coat to your nails. If they do not, you should do this. It gives the wraps something to adhere to. Apply a top coat.

Which is better Color Street vs Jamberry?

Because Color Street is 100% nail polish, it behaves like a high quality chip resistant nail polish. However that is chip resistant, not chip proof. Jamberry pretty much stays put (at least in my experience) so it is the clear winner. The Color Street wraps are WAY faster to apply than Jamberry.

How do Color Street stylists make money?

Starting commission is 25%. Everyone starts at 25% commission each month on ALL sales. There are no exceptions. If you sell a nail polish strip you get 25% commission back EVERY WEEK! There are bonuses for increased sales up to a total of 35% commission at $600 increments.

Who owns Color Street?

Fa Park Color Street is an innovative beauty brand that began over three decades ago when Founder & CEO, Fa Park, revolutionized the nail polish industry by creating the world’s first dry nail polish strips. Made of 100% real nail polish, Color Street nail strips gives a salon-quality manicure in just minutes with no dry time.

Is color Street a good company?

Not a bad company to work for You get decent commission and bonuses but any real money comes from getting people under you. You need to put in a lot of effort and hope you get a good up line and team.

How long do color Street nails last?

Color Street nail strips are real polish in a dry strip form, with a base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. They are supposed to last about 10 days without chipping.

How long does Lily and Fox take to ship?

10-14 days At the moment our orders typically take 10-14 days to arrive. If you are in Canada or Mexico please note it can take a little longer (12-26 days) because of customs!

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