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How Long Does Vinylux Nail Polish Last?

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This is a shellac polish that requires only 2 coats and then it hardens with exposure to ambient light. Importantly for nail health, Vinylux is removed with regular nail polish remover so is less damaging to the nails.

Conclusion: The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System lasts an average of 5 full days without chipping. For a manicure at home with average exposure to environmental factors, I recommend the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish by CND.

Generally Is Vinylux better than shellac? If you’re busy and don’t want to worry about your nails for a couple of weeks, then CND Shellac is probably for you. But if you want to be able to switch up your nail polish whenever you feel like it, opt for CND Vinylux. You’ll still get at least a week’s wear out of your polish if you apply it properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does CND Vinylux stain your nails?

No, CND uses a two part mechanism to create adhesion without staining. The first part is the adhesion promoters, which are designed to anchor directly to keratin and form a barrier to prevent the pigments from coming in contact with the nail surface.

Does CND Vinylux need a base coat?

There are two different top coats. Vinylux Weekly Top Coat and Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Plumping Top Coat. Both give high shine and durability. You do not need a base coat with CND Vinylux as it is designed to adhere perfectly to the natural nail.

How many coats does CND Vinylux have?

two coats Vinylux features self-adhering technology in the polish, meaning no basecoat is required. You apply two coats of your preferred color, waiting a minute between each coat, then apply the specially formulated topcoat. The topcoat is cured in natural light, meaning no UV exposure is required.

Is CND Vinylux a good polish?

This is brilliant stuff! It dries quickly and means your CND Vinylux polish will last all week. It makes such a difference and is a lot more durable than regular nail polish on its own. Removal is no different to taking off regular nail polish.

Do you need a UV lamp for CND Vinylux?

CND Vinylux Nail Polish: Like a 7-Day Shellac, No Salon or UV Lamp Required.

How do you remove CND Vinylux nail polish?

Saturate a plastic-backed, lint-free pad with CND Shellac™ Nourishing Remover. Place pad on the nail plate only and hold for five seconds. 4. Use firm pressure along with a circular motion to remove the color from the nail plate.

Is OPI or CND better?

OPI promises to last ‘up to one week’ but does have lots of accompanying accessories such as top coats and base coats, and even the RapiDry Spray (great for manicures in a hurry) to make its shades last. CND, however, boasts a solid 7 days of wear without all of the prep and fuss.

What is the difference between CND Shellac and CND Vinylux?

Vinylux is designed to work like a regular polish; no lamp needed, and colors can be mixed together to create new colors. Shellac provides 14+ day wear, high gloss shine, zero dry time, and removal in 5 minutes with a moisturizing acetone remover.

Is CND Vinylux toxic?

Meet the 7-free Vinylux & Creative Play CND products that do NOT contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene or MEK. They are therefore not only friendly to your nails and skin but also to the environment, without burdening the human body with toxic substances.

How long does it take CND Vinylux to dry?

8 1/2 minutes The VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish System combines several technologies that are new to nail polish promising one full week of wear, dries in 8 1/2 minutes and removes easily with OFFLY FAST™ Moisturizing Remover.

Is CND a good nail polish?

Top positive review The CND Shellac technology is great. And yes, you must ‘cure’ this type of nail color/polish with a UV light. But it is totally worth the added cost and effort. It does not chip and it stays shiny (with the required top coat).

What is CND Vinylux?

CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish delivers week long wear—and care—in two simple steps. The system consists of an all-in-one base and color coat and a top coat, which must be used together for ultimate performance. Choose from more than 150 high performing shades and reinvent yourself weekly. 7+ Day Wear.

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