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So, it’s been a week since I have posted the swatches of the newest ILNP Fall 2015 collection (you can check them here). The pre-order is live, so if you are not sure about a polish or two (or ten!), check out this post, because I was searching for some dupes. Hurry up, because it end tonight! 🙂 I tried to pick all the polishes, that look similar in the bottle, but as you will see, show off different things on nails. I have compared all exept Spiced Eggnog (cuz there is no dupe for it atm) and the two flakies. Let’s see the comparisons.

Firstly, I have compared ILNP polishes: Clockwork, Fame and Iconic. Clockwork and Fame have the same finish, but the base colour is different. Fame leans more to silver and Clockwork to gold. When comparing Clockwork with Iconic is just the opposite. Both colours are goldish, but the finish is not the same. While Clockwork has a strong metallic & holo finish, Iconic has a stunning pinkish shimmer & linear holo finish.

IMG_6184 23
ILNP – Fame, ILNP – Clockwork, ILNP – Iconic, ILNP – Clockwork

Next up is First Class. I did two comparisons. First photo shows you ILNP polishes with same finish, but different colours. While Fisrt Class tends to be more greyish, Fame leans more to gold and Happily Ever After to lilac. The second picture shows a comparison of First Class with ILNP Fame and F.U.N Lacquer – Pay Day (H). I am really sad I have realized that my Pay Day (H) turned more yellow/goldish than it has to be, because I am sure the original colour doesn’t look like this. Anyway, same thing as with Fame. Pay Day (H) is goldish, while First Class leans more to silverish grey.

IMG_6873 23
ILNP – First Class, ILNP – Fame, ILNP – First Class, ILNP – Happily Ever After
IMG_6477 23
F.U.N Lacquer – Pay Day (H), ILNP – First Class, ILNP – Fame, ILNP – First Class

Here comes another ILNP stunner – Top Down. I was super surprised when I was looking into my stash, because I found Literary Lacquers – Attice Mice, that looks quite close when talking about the colour. Applied, of course, isn’t that close, because it is much more greyish while Top Down is a silverish blue that leans even to teal a bit. Also, the holo effect is not the same, because Top Down contains holo flakes and Attice Mice is a classic linear holo. Comparing to ILNP – Timeless Vow, Top Down is more blue-ish, and the holo effect is again not the same. Also, Timeless Vow has some awesome golden flakies.

IMG_6890 23
ILNP – Top Down, Literary Lacquers – Attic Mice, ILNP – Top Down, ILNP – Timeless Vow

Maiden Lane vs. MIssed Calls. Both polishes are ultra holos (and they are AMAZING!), but the colours are different. Missed Calls is a black based ultra holo, while Maiden Lane has that specific grey base that has a bit of blue in it.

IMG_6909 23
ILNP – Maiden Lane, ILNP – Missed Calls, ILNP – Maiden Lane, ILNP – Missed Calls

I have compared Mona Lisa to F.U.N Lacquer – Pocahontas. Again, the holo effect isn’t the same, because Pocahontas has a linear holo effect, and the colour is also more goldish. Mona Lisa has a darker and more browner base.

IMG_6904 23
ILNP – Mona Lisa, F.U.N Lacquer – Pocahontas, ILNP – Mona Lisa, F.U.N Lacquer – Pocahontas

Next up is Dream Girl, compared to some older sisters from the previous ILNP collections. Colours of Flower Girl and Dream Girl are there-there but holo effects are different. Flower Girls is a linear holo while Dream Girls has that in-your-face ultra holo sparkle. Champagne Blush and Dreaming in Violet have again a different base colour and a different holo effect.

IMG_6897 23
ILNP – Dreaming in Violet, ILNP – Flower Girl, ILNP – Dream Girl, ILNP – Champagne Blush

Moving on to the vampies. I have compared Diablo to six different polishes, and the closest dupe is Picture Polish – Monroe, but then again… Picture Polish has a specific holo effect, which is deffinitely not similar to the one Barbra makes. Zoya – Blaze is much more red, and ILNP – Black Orchid is a darker vampy. Picture Polish – Moscow isn’t a real holo and the colour is more cranberry, which applies for Echoes Polish – Crushing Cranberry as well. I was looking at my bottle of Darling Diva Polish – The Grand Rite and thought it would be an interesting comparison. It turns out, it is rather red than vampy! 🙂

IMG_6241 2 (2)3
ILNP – Black Orchid, Picture Polish – Monroe, ILNP – Diablo, Zoya – Blaze
IMG_6922 23
Echoes Polish – Crushing Cranberries , Picture Polish – Moscow, ILNP – Diablo, Darling Diva Polish – The Grand Rite

Next is the purple Pretty Little Liar in comparison to three other ILNP purples from previous collections. ILNP – Poetry is has a stunning shimmer and it is a linear holo while these jellies have a scattered holo effect. ILNP – Kings & Queens is a much lighter shade with linear holo, and ILNP – Black Orchid is more blackened than Pretty Little Liar.

IMG_6931 23
ILNP – Poetry, ILNP – Kings & Queens, ILNP – Pretty Little Liar, ILNP – Black Orchid

Lulu is a blurple shade, so I couldn’t really find a match for it. It is a darker shade then ILNP – Walking Home, which is an ultra holo, and Dance Legend – Anthem, which has some gorgeous flakes in it as well and is a linear holo. ILNP – Homecoming is darker then Lulu and is a linear holo.

IMG_6946 23
Dance Legend – Anthem, ILNP – Walking Home, ILNP – Lulu, ILNP – Homecoming

I was searching for a possible dupe or a closure at least for Overnight Bag as well. I don’t have one. I swatched it side by side with ILNP – Black Orchid, but the last one is more purple, which Overnight Bag isn’t at all. Also, the holo effect is different.

IMG_6966 23
ILNP – Overnight Bag, ILNP – Black Orchid, ILNP – Overnight Bag, ILNP – Black Orchid

I saw some comparisons of Mountain View and Picture Polish – Escapades. Well, you won’t see this one here, because I don’t have the mentioned Picture Polish. But I did compare it with ILNP – Fall Semester and BaronessX – Black Forest. No dupes here either. While Mountain View tends to be a bit tealish, Black Forest is a true green shade. Fall Semester is a lighter teal shade with linear holo.

IMG_6997 23
ILNP – Mountain View, ILNP – Fall Semester, ILNP – Mountain View, BaronessX – Black Forest

I might have a dupe for After Midnight. In shade of course! I am talking about Darling Diva Polish – Queen of the Night. This one is maybe a shade darker, but really close to After Midnight. The difference is of course in holo effect, and those golden flakies that After Midnight contains. The remaining two, Echoes Polish – Crisp Air and Pahlish – Violet Gumdrops, looked close as well, but when I applied them, both of them were more purple than blue.

IMG_6978 23
Echoes Polish – Crisp Air , Darling Diva Polish – Queen of the Night, ILNP – After Midnight, Pahlish – Violet Gumdrops

Enough holos, let’s shift some colours. I have a dupe for Greatness! It is the F.U.N Lacquer – Burnin’ Up. They looked the same to me. Dance Legend – Boo is maybe a bit more orange than red, and ILNP – Abundance (H), I don’t have the original version, is also more copper and orange than red.

IMG_7021 23
F.U.N Lacquer – Burnin’ Up, ILNP – Abundance (H), ILNP – Greatness, Dance Legend – Boo

And the last comparison is of Cameo (H). I don’t have a dupe for it, but if you have the F.U.N Lacquer – Celebrate (H), you might have one. i have compared it to the original F.U.N Lacquer – Celebrate, and the shift itself was the same. You can see below the ILNP – Masquerade (H) and Nostalgia (H) as well, but there is a lack of true purple in the shift.

IMG_7037 23
ILNP – Masquerade (H), F.U.N Lacquer – Celebrate, ILNP – Cameo (H), ILNP – Nostalgia (H)

You can purchase the new ILNP Fall 2015 collection on the official website or through one of the international stockists such as Nailland Hungary or Hypnotic Polish. The pre-order ends tonight, so hurry up, otherwise you will have to wait until the official release! :)  I hope you enjoyed my comparisons and please feel free to comment!

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  1. Libby in WI Reply

    Thank you for taking so much time and care in doing this! I feel so good about my choices, I didn’t purchase any dupes

  2. Jessie Fairytale Reply

    Kok maš lepe nohtkeee! <3
    Prvi trije odtenki so mi noro lepi, samo ko sama nimam živcev spravljati bleščic z nohtov 🙂

  3. Thank you for these wonderful comparisons! Can’t believe I only just stumbled on this post. I pre-ordered several polishes with my fingers crossed that they wouldn’t be dupes of other ILNP shades. My biggest surprises were how different Mountain View is from Fall Semester, and how similar Mona Lisa and Iconic are in color, despite the different types of holo. Loved this post!

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