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It’s been a week since I have posted the swatches of the ILNP Neutrals 2016 – check it out here. It’s time to check out the fall part of the new release as well – the ILNP Fall 2016 collection. I had some troubles while swatching and ended up with two broken nails on my non-dominate/swatching hand. I almost had to swatch my Cinderella Hand, but luckily, I fixed the problem and I can share now my swatches with you! 🙂 Yeah!!!

I will not tell you which two nails are broken (can you spot them?), but will only say that a piece of tea bag in combination with Orly Rescue kit did a perfect job. Also, my skills to make the breaks invisible, right! 🙂 But, moving the polishes… Barbra included 7 polishes in this ILNP Fall 2016 collection, and they are of various finishes – there are two multichromes, one ultra holo, one ultra metallic and three shimmer holos. All in all, great job if you ask me, so much better than the Neutral part. I like the variaty of colors and finishes so much… I have to add, that unlike some of the previous collections, these polishes have a so much better formula and get opaque in only 2 coats! 🙂 I swatched them in different light conditions, so you can see how they look like in all their glory! Enjoy the pictures! 🙂

L to R: Highline, Mon Amour, Chocolate Slate, Sitting Fireside, The Harpist, Extra Credit, Clever GIrlilnp-fall-2016-6 ilnp-fall-2016-3 ilnp-fall-2016-5 ilnp-fall-2016-2 ilnp-fall-2016-4

The Harpist – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-1 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-2 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-3 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-4 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-7 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-5 ilnp-fall-2016-the-harpist-6

Clever Girl – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-2 ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-3 ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-4 ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-5 ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-6 ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl ilnp-fall-2016-clever-girl-1

Extra Credit – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-1 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-2 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-3 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-4 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-5 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-7 ilnp-fall-2016-extra-credit-6

Highline – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-highline-3 ilnp-fall-2016-highline-4 ilnp-fall-2016-highline-5 ilnp-fall-2016-highline-6 ilnp-fall-2016-highline-7 ilnp-fall-2016-highline ilnp-fall-2016-highline-1 ilnp-fall-2016-highline-2

Sitting Fireside – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-2 ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-1 ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-3 ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-4 ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-5 ilnp-fall-2016-sitting-fireside-6

Chocolate Slate – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-4 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-5 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-6 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-7 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-8 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-9 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-1 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-3 ilnp-fall-2016-chocolate-slate-2

Mon Amour – 2 coats

ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-1 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-2 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-3 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-4 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-7 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-5 ilnp-fall-2016-mon-amour-6

This collection is my favourite so far. Nice formulas, gorgeous colors and finishes! I really think that Chocolate Slate is a masterpiece among ILNPs polishes – my all time favourite. Which one is yours? The polishes will be available for pre-order on the ILNP official webpage from September 16th, 2016 as well as at Nailland Hungary and Hypnotic Polish stockists. If you liked my swatches, please spread the word about them – there are some sharing buttons below! Thank you for reading and have a nice evening! 🙂

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  1. Ági Mdolla Reply

    Mon amour. Nekem ő mindenképp kell.Talán még a Chocolate slate,ő is nagyon tetszik 🙂

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Nekem az egesz kolekcio tokeletes. 🙂 A Chocolate Slate pedig a kedvencem <3

  2. Mislim da su imali i bolje kolekcije. Odavde mi se sviđa samo Chocolate Slate, iako nisam ljubitelj braon boje.

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Meni je ova kolekcija baš wow – dok neutralni deo i nije nešto…

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