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Is It Safe To Use Other People’s Nail Polish?

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Even though the chemical makeup of the polish makes bacteria nearly impossible to survive. The transfer of fungi through nail polish is not likely because it is a smooth liquid that doesn’t cause abrasion on the nail plate. It is safe to say sharing nail polish is perfectly sanitary.

Nail polish. The only way you could get an infection from any type of sharing when it comes to nail products is if you use someone else’s tools, like nail or toenail clippers or cuticle nippers (you’re not supposed to be cutting your cuticles anyway!) that aren’t properly sterilized.

Generally Is sharing nail polish unsanitary? As you know, when you go to a salon to get a manicure and pedicure, you’re sharing those bottles with many others. The short answer to whether or not it’s sanitary is: no. Although the chemical makeup of nail polish makes bacteria nearly impossible to survive, using salon polish is not risk-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you get infection from sharing nail polish?

A 2018 study found evidence that fungi may be able to live and multiply in some nail polishes. It may be a good idea to avoid sharing nail polish. Contaminated equipment at a nail salon can also expose you to types of fungi that may lead to an infection.

Can bacteria grow under nail polish?

New research published in American Journal of Infection Control reveals that gel nail polish may retain bacteria on healthcare workers’ fingers, even after using alcohol hand gel.

Can you get nail fungus from sharing nail polish?

It’s kind of a yes, but maybe not in quite the way you might expect. In terms of direct spread of the fungus from nail to nail (or person to person) through a bottle of polish, the chances of this happening are fairly low. A bottle of polish isn’t exactly the most conducive environment for fungal growth.

How do nail salons sanitize nail polish?

While many salons use Barbicide, UV light sterilizer boxes, or other chemical solutions to disinfect their tools, the only device that works completely to sterilize instruments is called an autoclave, which uses high pressure and steam to kills 100 percent of all infective organisms.

What can you catch from nail salon?

The most common infections acquired at the nail salon are warts and nail fungus. Follow these infection prevention strategies to decrease your risk: Do not get a manicure or pedicure if you have an infection on your hands or feet.

Is nail polish an infection risk?

Studies have concluded that the application of nail polish and gel nail polish when compared to natural nails does not have a direct correlation on infection rates.

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