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Is There Chrome Powder Coat?

Written by Tara

Chrome nails has finally hit DIY home-kit status, and unlike the professional version, the kit is designed to be used with regular nail polish.

Eastwood Extreme Chrome Bonded Powder – This Chrome powder is the closest to the look of real chrome of any we have ever offered! Get an amazing chrome look with all the benefits of powder coating by going with our most extreme HotCoat™ chrome powder coat.

Generally Can you chrome any dip powder? Chromes can come in metallic, mirror or color shifting finishes. You can even use most satin dip powders as chrome rubs. A little bit goes a long way!

Here You Can Watch The Video How to Apply Chrome Powders with Regular Nail Polish

Similarly, Apply Chrome, Holo, & Unicorn Nail Powders WITHOUT GEL!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do you put top coat over chrome powder?

Chrome must be applied on top of a cured layer of non-wipe top coat. If applied directly onto a colour or a tacky layer, a mirror-like effect won’t be achieved.

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