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Hi ladies,
I was thinking a lot how to put together this post so I am a bit late with it actually. Our wonderful Le Couvent des Minimes team organized a blogger event last week and I had the chance to be there as well. It was organized in honour to their newest release Eau Sereine. If I am honest, I haven’t tried a lot of their products so far, but those I did (and you check my post about it here) were really good. Read below to find out more about their newest release!

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The event itselft was amazing and totally different from those we are used to. First of all, it was super late (8:30 PM) so there were candles all around us and it was really romantic. The programme was also different and very original. Our LCDM team decided to stop the time with a special guest, a psychotherapist from Institute IPSA, mrs. Melita Košak. Using different methods and ways of speaking she actually forced us to be there, at the moment, then! To stop thinking of what happened and what will happen and enjoy the present! Because present is what matters and we have to be aware of things happening right now. And I have to admit – I enjoyed the moment very much (the official hashtag of the event was #uzivamvtrenutku, which in means “I am enjoying the moment”).

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Enjoying the moment, I was amazed by the amazing scent of their new range Eau Sereine. The source of inspiration for the new collection of LCDM Eau Sereine are the monks from Minimes in Provance who used to enjoy the moment and relax. This way they gain back some energy, they need for helping people around the world. Delicate and fresh notes of lavender, mandarin and bergamot, sweetness of rose, lily of the valley and black currant and cedar depth invite us and them (yes, this is a unisex scent) to take it easy, take a deep breath and enjoy the present. After the event we got a small present from the organizer, so I took home these two lovely products – their pillow mist, which blew my mind the first night I tried it, and their hand cream, which is about to say goodbye to it’s life, because I am using it all the time! 🙂 It’s less oily than their Gardener’s Hand Healer, which is great because I like lighter textures! But hopefully, I will talk about it some other time…IMG_3094 23 IMG_3112 23 IMG_3115 23

I really enjoyed the evening, but I was a bit sad I had to leave quite early. It was late, and I had a long day in the office plus I was at the doctors that day as well so bed was my best friend that night… However, I was so happy to see those lovely faces again because each time we are together, we have an amazing time! Till next time my beauties… Can’t wait to see you all again!

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