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Finally I have a new skin care review for you guys. It’s been a while I was at the Melvita event where everything was about the new Nectar de Roses release. I am in love with Melvita floral waters and I had big expectations from this new Melvita Nectar de Roses cream as well. But, is it worth the hype? Check it below!

Melvita Nectar de Roses

The packaging of the hydrating day cream is gorgeous. I love the white-rose combination and the design is also gorgeous. I prefer actually creams in tubes than in jars, so this is a huge plus. Opening the tube was a great experience since I smelled the cream immediately. It’s a nice, a bit overpowering rose smell, but I can deal with it. The texture is light and I would say it’s a bit too light for dry skin. My skin is normal but dehydrated, and this cream wasn’t really enough. I had to add some oil to make my skin fully hydrated. Eighter way, I am not saying it’s not good, just not enough for my skin. Maybe it’s because I am testing so many HE skin care products and I can see the difference immediately. I have experienced also some acnes after using it, so it has to be something in it that it’s not friendly to my skin. I was a bit disappointed, because Melvita makes really great floral waters and I had no problems with them so far. The price is around 30€ and you can get it online or in drugstores.
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What about you? Have you tried any of their new products? I hope you don’t find this post too critical, but sadly I wasn’t satisfied with the product… This is why I want to hear from you. I already know my fellow blogger friend Katja (check out her blog here) had the same experience I had, but what about you? 🙂

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  1. Meni je grozna….. Sploh se ne vpije,mini mozoljčke mi dela in masti kožo (čeprav imam sicer suho).eŽe druga Melvitina krema nad katero sem razočarana :/

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