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NAILMAIL! It’s finally December and the winter is here! It’s really cold over here so I hope to see some snow soon as well! 🙂 In order to create a bit of a holiday athmosphere on my blog, I decided to show you some polishes I recently got from lovely Arabella from Nailmail webshop. The webshop is new, and I think it’s great to help her out, so together we are bringing to my a huge giveaway. But firstly, let’s see some NCLA nail polish swatches and then we will move on…

Nailmail – NCLA Swatches & Giveaway

Nailmail is a totally new nail polish webshop, which is already growing. It’s based in Hungary with amazing service and customer support. They ship worldwide and the shipping to Slovenia for example is reasonable so I really recommend it. Anyways, I had a chance to choose two NCLA nail polishes to show you. I already have two NCLAs, and both of them are great.

As a holosexual, I have chosen Redicalist and Cloudy Sky. Both of these polishes are collaboration shades, the first one with Pshiiit and the second one with LakoDom. The formula of both is great, especially with Redicalist, where I used only one single coat to get the full opacity. Cloudy sky is of course lighter, therefore I used three thin coats. Both of the polishes are holos, but the Cloudy Sky is like a dead holo to me, because there is no way you can see the holo. Unfortunately. Another thing that bothers me with these two cuties is the brush. It is wide, just perfecly long, but too square for my nails. I was really having hard time applying the polish with it. Oh, and I have forgotten to tell you, that Redicalist lasted for 4 days untouched on my nails, so I am giving it a huge plus for this! 🙂 Let’s see some pictures! 🙂

NCLA – Redicalist
ncla-redicalist-bottle ncla-pshiiit-redicalist ncla-pshiiit-redicalist-2 ncla-redicalist

NCLA – Cloudy Sky

ncla-cloudy-sky-bottle ncla-cloudy-sky-2 nailmail ncla cloudy sky ncla-cloudy-sky-swatch

How do you like them? They look awesome, right? Well, now I am giving you a chance two win them. Yes, I am giving away one bottle of each of the polishes. There will be two winners, because I want to make happy as many girls as possible! 🙂 What do you have to do? Like Naimail on Facebook and Instagram and leave a comment here letting me know which one would you prefer more. 🙂 The winners will be chosen randomly on December 15th, 2016 and will be contacted via e-mail! This giveaway is open internationally! GOOD LUCK everyone! Untill next time… :*

Nailmail: Webshop

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  1. Mindkettő szépséges, de a Redicalist tetszik jobban! Köszönöm a lehetőséget! 🙂

  2. Köszönöm én is a lehetőséget! A Redicalist jobban tetszik, de nem volt könnyű választás. (-:

  3. I’m not usually a red polish girl, but Redicalist is just too pretty! I hope to own it sooner or later. 😀

  4. Kolip Krisztina Reply

    A Redicalist tetszik jobban! Köszönöm a lehetőséget!

  5. I’m loving the subtle color of Cloudy Sky <3 so I'd really like a chance to win this shade 🙂

    Plus, great swtches 😉

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful swatches hun!! I would love to choose Redicalist! It’s so pretty! ?❤

  7. Holosexuals unite! 🙂 Oba sta lepa, ampak sodelujem za Redicalist, čudovit je <3

  8. Redicalist looks amazing on your nails! I hope to get it for my b-day (which falls exactly on December the 15) 🙂

  9. sklatyenom Reply

    Mivel a Radicalist már megvolt, a cloudy sky-t szívesen kipróbálnám 😉

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