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Hello ladies,
One week has passed, and I will show you all the pretties that arrived in the nailmail last week. I got a massive nailmail on Firday (four packages), and I am still waiting on five, so this will be an epic swatchfest! I can not wait to try them all and swatch them for you! I am specialy excited about Barry M, Beauty UK and Appeal4 because they are all new to me. Besides these brands, I got some more BaronessX and Dance Legend polishes. They all look like heaven in the bottle, but how they appear on nails is still a mistery to me. Anway, let’s have a look!
Firstly, I got a smaller package from BaronessX. But the content of the package was awesome. I got one more polish from the Cuppycake Collection. It is called Fairy Cakes. Why fairy? Because it has butterfly shaped glitter in it! Sounds great, right? 🙂 The other one is Pastel Grunge. This polish is still not released, but will be soon. This one contains gemstone glitters, and looks fabulously in the bottle. Besides that I got a Royal Oil Pen, which contains a combo of 20 different oils, that moisturize your cuticles perfectly. You can choose from variety of scents – mine is vanilla scented. And now… what surprised me the most is the business card which has my swatch on it! Demi, I can not express how honored and happy I am. Thank you <3

 Fairy Cakes, Royal Oil Pen, Pastel Grunge
My next package arrived from a Slovenian beauty online shop called Ličila.si. They provide many nail polish brands, but I received these to review them. One of these beauties will be a part of my next giveaway, you can expect soon. Both of these brands (Barry M and Beauty UK) are new in my stash, so I will give them priority and test them asap.
 Barry M: Plumpy Top Coat, Lap of Honor, Atlantis
Beauty UK: Tealed With A Kiss

Then I got a huge package of goodies from a Danish brand Appeal4. It was established in 2012 and they offer variety of high quality polishes. Their color range is also huge so you will probably have some problems when comes to choosing the right shade. I got 11 polishes mostly pink, purple and blue shades. It looks like they knew what colors I prefer, since the winners in my stash are deffinitely pinks, purples and blues.

 Powderpuff, Fire Mock, Pinky Pine, Nightingale’s Heart, Pink Sunrise, Acacallis Goodie
Angels Summer Snowflake, Bachelor Button, Hopley’s Hope, Enchanter’s Nightshade, Golden Blue Painted Lady
And in the afternoon I got a 2 kg Dance Legend package. This is certainly one of my favourite brands, and every time I get a package with these polishes I feel soooo happy! I got the rest of the Top Aquarelle Collection, some of the Holodays polishes, one from the Galaxy Collection, three polishes from the Wow Prism Sping and New Prism Collection and five neons. And I love them all. My favourite is the Holodays Collection, since there are two multichrome holos and the Wow Prism Spring polishes. I will maybe get some more from these collections. Ok, enough said, let’s have a look at them.
Top Aquarelle: Matiss, Monet, Botticelli (a little accident happened to this little guy on its way from Russia), Malewicz, Tiziano, Rafael

Holodays and Galaxy: Different View, Anthem, Big Bang, New Promise, Neptune
Wow Prism Spring: Through The Glass, Holy Diver, Beautiful Lie
New Prism: Spacecraft, Robots vs. Humans, Android
Neonic: Banana Party, Best Vacation, Orange’s Boom, My Wave, Tropicana

So in one day my collection has grown enormously! 🙂 But I like every single one of them! I really can not wait to try them and swatch them! I will try to do my best to get these done asap, since I am expecting more packages… Swatchfest time! 🙂
<3 Stay polished <3

Get in touch with Appeal4: Shop
Get in touch with BaronessX: ShopEtsyFacebookInstagramTwitter
Get in touch with Ličila.si: Shop, Facebook
Get in touch with Dance Legend: Shop, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


  1. UAU!! Sami super laki. Meni so Dance Legend laki grozno všeč, ampak še nisem prišla dalj od občudovanja swatchev in brskanja po njihovi strani 😀

    • Hvala! Hja, tale runda Dance Legendov je prišla do mene preko ene blogerke iz Rusije, ker ima DL kot firma neke težave s pošiljanjem. Ona je pa brez problema poslala. Prejšnjo rundo sem dobila za oceno, in naslednji paket upam da bo šel tudi kmalu na pot, saj nam blogerkam pošiljajo 4-5x na leto… 🙂 Že komaj čakam da vidim kaj bodo meni novega <3

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