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Hey ladies,
Time for another NEW IN post. Last week was probably the most intense week in my life considering nailmail! The postman was costantly here, and I was stalking him as well, since I knew I had so many packages on the way. I got 6 packages, 5 of them were blogger packs, only the Dashica Beauty Shop package was bought by myself. The rest is waiting to be swatched/or has already been swatched (the 2015 ILNP Spring Collection). Packages came from Alessandro Slovenija, Norway Nails (my Valentine’s Day contest prize), Hypnotic Polish, ILNP, Pet’la and Dashica Beauty Shop. Oh, and I almost forgot – I got another Helmer as well (red one – cuz I looooove red!), but there is no picture of it, since it is still unpacked! 🙂 Now, let’s move to the pictures!

Firstly, my Alessandro blogger package arrived. I was in contact with Alessandro Slovenija and they decided to send me a few products for the giveaway and for me to review them. I got an amazingly cute package, but I will not show you everything, since a part of it is now a prize for my birthday giveaway – you haven’t heard about it yet? 🙂 Enter here! Here is what I decided to keep for myself and review them for you.
 L to R: Honeymoon, Nude Elegance, Hurly Burly

The same day I got my prize from Norway Nails. They were running a small Valentine’s Day contest, and my manicure won! Check the winning mani together with some Picture Polish – Moscow swatches here. I won a 300 NOK giftcard, which is about 30 EUR or $40. As I know they stock Picture Polish-es, I had to choose some. I was eying on Midnite Meteor by Cristina from DoBeauting for a long time, and it was in stock this time!!! YEAH! And it went directly to my cart. Next I chose Picture Polish – Tail Feather, which is also a collaboration shade with Kayla from Nails by Kayla Shevonne. This color is so pretty! I love it already! To fill up my cart to 300 NOK I chose a stamping plate from Emily de Molly – EDM-07. The OPI lotion came in as a gift.
 L to R: PP – Midnight Meteor, EDM – 07, PP – ail Feather, OPI lotion
On Wednesday I got two packages. The first one was from Hypnotic Polish – a nail polish online shop from The Netherlands. Maria (the owner) was really sweet, and sent me over for review eight polishes. I knew in advance what was I getting, and I was so excited about this blogger pack. I got 4 El Corazon polishes, which are totally new to me, and I can not wait to try them out. Along with these I got two A England polishes and two holo Lilypad Lacquer polishes. And the holos are bright holos, so yeeeahh! 🙂 I love holos and I love bright! Perfect combo if you ask me! 🙂
L to R: Merlin, The Blessed Damozel
 L to R: Slimey Limey, Lilac Lovely

 L to R: 423/453, 423/551, 423/563, 423/464
My second package that day arrived from ILNP. One of my favourite (if not favourite!) indie nail polish brands. I had such a bad luck with the customs about this package. Usually, they don’t charge me, they don’t even open the packages. But hell no, they opened the most expensive one! I think it is Murphy, really! And they just couldn’t understand they were sent for free… AAAAH! Anyway, I got 27 polishes, which are part of two collections. The first one is the 2015 Spring Collection (check the review here) and the second one is the Holo Ultra Chrome Flakie Collection. Both of the collections are awesome, and I can not wait to show you the holo flakies – but if you are wondering what they look like, check them on the pictures below.
 L to R: Poetry, Happily Ever After, Flower Girl, Fame, Mega (S), Timeless Vow, Peri Me
 L to R: Paradox, Ice House, Abundance (H), Hush, Hush (H)
 L to R: Supernova (H), Gaia (H), Success (H), Open Fields (H), Rapture (H)
L to R: Phoenix (H), Metropolis (H), Neon Rosebud (H), Electric Carnival (H), Brilliance (H)
L to R: Atlantis (H), Paradox (H), Ice House (H), Cold Fusion (H), Luna (H)
And last Monday I received a massive stamping plate mail. Firstly, I am showing you my newest Pet’la Plates. There were ten plates in the pack, two of them Petra sent me for my giveaway, and the rest is for me to review them once I will have time, which I hope it will be soon, cuz I love her plates. The quality is just so good, perfect for beginners and the designs are also so pretty! Lets see what I got.
L to R: Oorie, Golden Russian

L to R: The Perfect One, Loomy Sunday

 L to R: Laces, Nazcar
 L to R: Ceres, Three Times
The other packege was from Dashica Beauty Shop. Dashica stocks some amazing plates under the brand Infinity Nails. These are also my first plates from this brand, so I already tried one – the Frozen plate of course. The rest of the plates is still untouched, butI am looking forward to using them. Hopefully soon! There was also a pair of stamper and scraper as a gift, so I have now another one! 🙂
Plate 111

 L to R: 112, 100
L to R: 113, 122

L to R: 106, 81, 120

Rectangular silicon stamper
That would be all from me for today! I can’t wait to use all this stuff – they are all so pretty. Stay tuned for more nail designs, swatches….
<3 Love <3
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  1. Wow – such a big Nailmail!! I'm so happy with you, I wish I had such a big mail…
    Can't wait to see your swatches for the El Corazon polishes, they look absolutely stunning! And of course the designs with the plates you got.

  2. Now that's a really impressive "haul" 🙂 The El Corazon polishes make me want to run & do my nails…again 🙂 I think i need the fun bright 423/563 in my life 😉

    Btw, i'm stopping by to let you know, that i have a Creative Contest ft. El Corazon going on my blog right now (as a collab with the art director of the brand), so if you like – stop by & leave a comment to enter. The rules are simple. Just let us know how your experience with El Corazon is so far. Pls don't mind me leaving the link for you.

    Have a great Easter holiday.
    xo, Luchessa.

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