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Hello ladies,
I know I am again one day late with the NEW IN post, but I was so busy doing my manicures for the MoYou London Bookworm contest. I am enjoying it really much, and I want my manciures to be perfect, so my average time spent on one mani is about two hours! 🙂 You are all probably wondering how did they turn out, but I will post them on the blog the last day of the challenge. Till then, you can see them on my Instagram and Facebook page!
So, a word or two about my newbies. I went shopping last week, and got just a small something from the local drugstore. I got my huge MoYou London haul, and got two blogger packages from Marianne Nails and MoYou Nails. I know, it is funny how they have the same name, but it is not the same company, and officially, they are called like stated here, so basically, their name isn’t the same! 🙂 Anyway, you will see, that my stamping plates stash got richer for about 20 plates, and I like every single one of them! For details, check the post below!

Firstly, the local drugstore (Mueller) haul. I just got a couple of bottles of my favourite acetone. I figured out this one works the best for my cuticles and my skin, not to mention that the removal is super fast. But then next to it, I saw this cute round box. There are 30 nail polish remover pads, but of course without acetone. I said, sure, why not give it a try. Well, when I got home, I saw again why I stick to acetone. I took me about 10 minutes to remove the nail polish! I was almost crying… But they smell good! So, if you don’t mind rubbing your nails for 10 minutes, go ahead, but those 10 minutes mean a lot in my life! 🙂

And then of course, I couldn’t get out of the store without nail polish, so I grabed two. You know… one is none! 🙂 I got one from Catrice The Doll’s Collection. It is called Playing In Lavender Heaven, and it is such a nice shade of purple that I just had to take it. The second polish is part of the Essence I <3 Trends Collection – The Pastels, and it is called Sun Is Smiling. It represents a very nicely formulated pastel yellow nail polish. Here are the bottles.

Then this came in on Friday. I ordered a lot of MoYou London stuff, and I must say I was very pleased with their shipping service this time. I ordered on Wednesday, they were sent out on Thursday and on Friday the DHL guy knocked on my door – HEY, NAILMAIL! I was surprised that it came in with DHL postal service, because the shipping was free. Anyway, I got 9 plates, a double sided XL stamper and scraper, and a bunch of those cute scrapers! Those plastic cards work perfect for my stamping and I don’t have any old cards at home, so I ordered these. 
Plates I got are: Festive 14 and 23, Pro 08, Suki 11, Sailor 08, Tourist 17, Tropical 08, Cookbook 12, Time Traveller Back to the 60’s 01.

Then, I got my very first blogger pack from Marianne Nails. Ghislaine was so cute to send me six plates to review them. Can not wait. Some of you who follow my social media accounts, probably saw I used a design from one of these plates for one of my Bookworm manicures,  and I was very happy with it. They stamp perfectly, which you will be able to see soon in a separate post (probably beginning next week, when the entire MoYou London thing is over)

And my last package came in from UK as well. I got five plates from MoYou Nails also for a review. i was trying to choose mostly full nail designs, since I prefer those, and I really like them! And those flower designs look like they are going to be my favourites! 🙂 Can’t wait to try them! 🙂

I am so excited to see them all in action! 🙂 Stay with me to see what I am going to create! 🙂
<3 Love <3
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  1. Oh, kako so lepe ploščice <3 Sem ti jih kr malo fauš 😉 Tudi sama imam slabe izkušnje s tistimi vaticami z acetonom, tako da jih sploh ne kupujem več. Čeprav me pa včasih embalaža pritegne;)
    xoxo, Nyx

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