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Another year is around and it is timetime for a new Pink October post. As a nail polish blogger of course I had to create a nail art in honor to all the wonderful ladies who suffer or had sufferd from breast cancer. October is the month of breast cancer awareness and as a person who has a bigger risk of getting this disease I think it’s essential to speak about it. Not about the cancer itself, but just to make sure you are doing what you can to prevent it or discover it in an early stage. 🙂 Today I am showing you my Pink October nail art, which is again a collaboration with a couple of Slovenian beauty bloggers, so make sure to check their work as well.

Pink October Nail Art

I started my Pink October nail art  with two different base colors. But before that I applied one coat of white Glitter Base by Dance Legend. Why white? Because I wantet the colors to stand out. So, for base color I used Nfu.Oh 48, which a nice translucent flakie, and OPI – Pink-ing of You a classic pink cream. I draw a ribbon (sorry, it’s purple, but you get the pint, right?) on my accent nails using Zoya – Tara. On the rest of my nails I stamped an image from MoYou London Mother Nature Stamping Plate 13 using as well Zoya – Tara, because it stamps so well. 🙂 I added some white dots to my ring fingers and some pink dots to my thumbs. In the end I have topcoated everything with Dance Legend Top Satin to give it a nice smooth finish.

pink-october-nail-art pink-october-nail-art-3 pink-october-nail-art-2 pink october nail art 5 pink october nail art 6

Now you have seen my manicure and I am wondering what are your thoughts about this topic? As I have already written last year, my mother suffered from this disease so I am fully aware that maybe I am the next one on the chopping block… This is why it is so important to do regular self examinations to discover the cancer as soon as possible. Luckily, this is one of those diseases that can be cured, so it is really essential to be careful. If you discover any changes in you breasts, make sure a doctor has a look at it. And never, ever lose faith! Starting from this point, make sure this post reaches all your friends who are forgetting how important this is…

Take a moment and read the rest of the posts written by my friends – you might find them helpful as well.

Until next time my dear beauties…


    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Ja, je ok! 🙂 Jaz si tudi močno želiiiim…. In pa hvala <3

  1. Samo, da je mami ok, ji želim veliko zdravja in sreče… Manikura je pa res “Ooo waw!” ? Top!

  2. Metka (Lacquered Bits) Reply

    Hjoj Tara. Letos je pri nas to taščo doletelo 🙁 Na srečo je sedaj vredu, ampak vseeno, ostane strah, da se zadeva ponovi 🙁 Tebi pa želim, da te zaobide.
    Manikura je super, všeč mi je pa tudi tale NFU lakec. Tak kjut in fotogeničen je 😀

    • The Beauty of Nail Polish Reply

      Ne boš verjela koliko ljudi poznam ki jih je to doletelo… 🙁 Jaz še vedno držim pesti, da ne bom “izbrana”…
      NFU.oh lakci so ekstra fotogenični. In pa hvala! <3

  3. Da je le mami zdaj ok! Pa da tebe to nikoli ne doleti <3

    Nfu Oh flaške so bile narejene za fotke! In krasna manikura, kot vedno 🙂
    Xoxo, A.

  4. Hvala bogu da je mama okej in upam da te nikoli ne doleti 🙂 <3

    Tele vejice so oh *-* Brez besed 🙂

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