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Hey ladies!
Hope you are having a great preparation for the upcoming Easter. I had so much fun decorating the eggs with my son… But since they are nothing special I won’t show them to you today. Instead, I will talk about relatively new brand on our market called Bôcassy. Recently I got a chance to test two of their products, and I have decided to share my observations with you. Hope you will enjoy reading!

Let me start with a short introduction, and tell you something more about Bôcassy. It’s a brand produced in Croatia and I am sure our southern brothers and sisters are happy to have such a great company in their country. If I am honest, their packaging has never cought my attention – compared to some high end products, it’s nothing special and totally not so luxurious. But what makes Bôcassy different is obviously not the packaging, but the content itself. I am so happy I have tested these two products, because otherwise I wouldn’t pay much attention to them… and they deserve it! They claim a lot of things and they truly are good. Here is a quote from their website:

Our ideas will always transcend the demand; it is much wider; it conjuncts ecology and charity, it conjuncts awareness on ingredients and that which is best for our body and our planet. It is our necessity to offer luxurious product and make it affordable to everyone.

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Bôcassy Clean & Tone Tonic is the first product I have tested. It comes in a 200ml dispenser, which is quite normal quantity for cleansers and tonics. What makes this one so special are the herbal ingredients. Besides water and glycerin – which are the main ingredients of this tonic, there are also marigold, aloe vera and green tea extracts. It’s well known, that these three ingredients are very gentle and highly recommended when it comes to skin regeneration and nourishing. It surprised me that there are no aditional scents, so the scent of herbs really dominates, but its very neutral. I was a bit concerned about the greater amount of glycerin, but I guess the herbs are doing their job really well. As my skin is normal (maybe a bit dryer, but certainly not dry), but pretty dehydrated these herbs had a great impact on my skin. After my regular cleasing routine (using a cleansing brush) I applied it using a cotton pad, so I was using it only as a tonic, not as a cleanser. The skin was very soft and silky after the application, and ready for the next step in my daily routine… Cream application! IMG_3269 23 IMG_3284 23

Bôcassy Hydrating Night Cream was the second product, I got in pair with the tonic. I think this is deffinitely not a coincidence, because these two are a perfect couple. A mentioned above, the tonic prepares the skin for the cream application. Tonic will make sure that the cream absorb quickly, but even when I wasn’t using this tonic, the cream absorbed really well. But, let’s start at the begining. It comes in a translucent pot inside a red cardbox. As already said, nothing special. But what matters is inside the pot. I think that a lot of women are actually not aware how important the night care is. Just as tonic, the night cream also contains some active natural ingredients – almost 95% of the ingedients are of natural origin. It’s enriched with oils (sunflower, olive, sesame), vitamins (A, B and E) and herbal extracts (green tea and comfrey root). Active ingredients not only soften the skins surface and make it feel comfortable, but also support the natural production of collagen in the skin that will make it look so smooth and firm soon after use. I was using this cream for a month now, so I think I am ready to say that it works great for my skin. My skin is now well hydrated, without so much redness (I am really surprised!) and even the amount of acnes is lower (I think I had only one this month, which is great concidering my hormonal balance). What I like even more, is that leaves a matte trace on the skin because I hate that oily look! 🙂 Definitely a cream I am recomending to all of you, who are searching for something new.IMG_3295 23 IMG_3318 23 IMG_3328 23

Bôcassy products are available in drugstores in Slovenia (Müller and dm). I highly encourage you to check out their wide range, because I am pretty sure you will find a product or two for yourself! Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for upcoming beauty stuff… Thanks for reading! :*

Bôcassy: Official, Facebook

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