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After my first ever fashion post I have decided to share with you my current TOP 5 February Favorites. I have never done such a post before and because I know another nail polish storm is coming soon, I just wanted to show you which products are my most used currently! So yes, here are my TOP 5 February Favorite products!

TOP 5 February Favorites

  1. Huawei P9 – Recently I got a new phone. It was a huge step for me to change my two year old HTC Desire 820 phone for a new one. The old one was really old so I just had to move foward with the technology. I was in doubt which phone to buy, to stick with Android software or to move to IOS. I saw a good price of Huawei P9 at our local mobile provider so I decided to buy this one! It is actually everything a blogger needs. If I am honest, I am still getting used to a smaller screen (my previous phone was 5,5”), but besides that I have ZERO complaints. With its hybrid Leica camera I can finally capture all the moments with my phone and I don’t have to run around with my massive and heavy Canon DSLR camera. The battery is also good – two days without charging for sure. Oh, and because I like keeping my phones in pretty phone cases, I grabed one from eBay for couple of $… It is so cute, isn’t it? You can buy it here.
  2. Zoeva Brushes – If you follow me regularly, then you know I am a huge fan of Zoeva brushes! I am using them every day, and I am happy to say they are still doing their job as they did on day one. I got in my very first Rose Golden set two years ago and the brushes look almost untouched! Also, they are a perfect accessorise for my photos! Amazing quality, the only thing that is bothering me is the prices which keeps rising. I hope Zoeva won’t go too high, however! They are available in their official webstore, as well as in Douglas drugtores in Europe,
  3. L’Oreal Nail Polish – L’Oreal nail polishes are my favorites lately. I have three polishes from their new “granate” range (this is our lovely blogger Gabi from Parokeets calls them), which are more than office appropriate. Pink is my favourite spring color, and this lovely pinky Nude Demoiselle nail polish can also be very elegant and classy with a touch of white lace or a delicate floral pattern. The apllication is easy, their brushes are doing a great job. Great value!
  4. L’Occitane Hand Cream – As a nail polish blogger I am making sure to keep my hands moisturized. L’Occitane Hand Creams are the best I have ever tried. I love their shea butter range the most, but the rest of the creams aren’t bad either. I was so happy to try this Cherry Blossom hand cream. It is a piece I got from my co-worker for Christmas and it was a really nice surprise for me! It is not so nourishing as their shea butter hand creams but just enough to keep the balance during the day. I am keeping one L’Occitane hand cream in each bag, always and everywhere! Read more about the collection here.
  5. Bvlgari Rose Goldea – is a fragrance that was released last year and instantly became my favorite.  I am such a sucker for thse kind of fumes… Almost pure rose and very musky… A fragrance that would suit most of the woman i think. Not too sweet, not so fruity… perfect for these late winter days. And what’s the best – it looks gorgeous on picture.

top 5 february favorites top 5 current products

top 5 february favorites 2

I hope you enjoyed my post about my TOP 5 February Favorites and I can not wait to hear which products are your current favorites. Do you have any recommendations? Also, feel free to like my post and share it with your friends – there are some buttons waiting for you down below! Stay tuned for more beauty post… :*

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