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What Does Purple Mean In Mood Changing Nail Polish?

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Mood changing nail polish is also based on a thermochromic reaction with the nails changing color with temperature. The nail polish is clear when the nails are warm, changing color when the nails cool.

It works based on your body temp — so when you’re calm, your body is cooler; when you’re worked up, your body is hotter. The change in temp triggers the polish to go from, say, blue to green or purple to pink.

Generally Can you put a topcoat on mood changing nail polish? You apply them just like normal nail polish. You can use a base coat, two or three coats of color depending on your opacity preference and a topcoat to extend the life of your polish.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Colour changing nail polish safe?

Is Color-Changing Nail Polish Safe? You’ll be happy to hear that color-changing nail polish is safe to use, just like any other nail polish you may be applying. There are even non-toxic, hypoallergenic versions you can try.

How does gel color changing polish work?

When exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun (or other long-wave UV source), UV nail polish changes color! The change is reversible. When the UV Nail Polish is removed from sunlight, it returns to its original color!

How do you color change nail polish at home?

Put the funnel in the opened bottle of nail polish and use the funnel to add 1/2 teaspoon Color Changing Thermochromic Powder Pigment to the nail polish. Put the lid back on the nail polish and shake the bottle until the pigment is fully dissolved within the bottle of nail polish.

What are the nails called that change color?

Doobys Nails makes color-changing, glue-on false nails. They change color in hot water and change back in cold water, making them a great way to switch up your look without having to go to the salon.

Why is my pink nail polish turning purple?

Answer. This usually happens when clients expose their nails to chemicals, like bleach, other cleaning products, or even some hair products and lotions. There are actually many products out there that can dull or change the color of polish.

Why did my dip nails change color?

When dip powder users notice discoloration, they usually find it’s due to contact with SPF. There’s nothing more relaxing than a lazy summer afternoon at the pool, but if you notice fading after a swim, you may have just discovered the cause. Plan a beach trip instead!

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