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What Is Acetone Transfer?

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Acetone is dangerous to use on hardwood. Acetone is an extremely harsh chemical often found in nail polish remover. While it may remove certain stains, acetone is extremely dangerous to use on wood floors.

Acetone laser jet print transfer is a quick way to copy a project from a photo or a computer to the stone. Toner transfer with acetone allows for almost 100% transfer of the image from a print to the stone and convert it to a printing matrix. The transfer can be used on its own or can be combined with other techniques.

Generally What is solvent transfer? The solvent method dissolves the polymers or waxes to release the carbon. This leaves no binding agent so the carbon particles must be embedded in the new transfer surface. This dictates that the solvent transfer method be done with a porous receiving surface. Toothier papers and wood, work well for this method.

Here You Can Watch The Video Nail Polish Remover Image Transfer – Craft

Similarly, Acetone Printing (Image transfer technique)

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