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What Is Cuccio Builder?

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Country Italy
Physical characteristics
• location Pizzo di Gino

NEW CUCCIO NATURAL RANGE The Cuccio Pro Brush on Colour Builder gel now comes in 6 natural shades, all designed to match the undertones of your skin. The convenient brush-on formula makes filing, building and shaping easy.

Generally What is cuccio Colour veneer? Cuccio Colour Veneer features a new advanced formula that protects the nails, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who owns cuccio?

Tony Cuccio Tony Cuccio is founder and president of Star Nail Products and Cuccio Naturale. The company also owns Cina Nail Creations (a nail art company), All Season Professional Aspire.

Is Cuccio Naturale vegan?

Product Details. The lotion is fast drying, paraben free and vegan friendly. The perfect balance of sanitizing and hydration, to quench the thirst of dry hands while providing quality hygiene and protection needs.

What does Cuccio mean in Italian?

Cuccio. The Cuccio is a 22-kilometre (14 mi) torrent of the Province of Como in north Italy. It rises at Pizzo di Gino (commune of San Nazzaro Val Cavargna) and runs south through the Val Cavargna before entering Lake Lugano at Porlezza.

How do you use builder gel?

How to Use Builder Gel:

  1. Use a Buffer to buff the nail surface.
  2. Apply Primer to dehydrate the surface.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure*.
  4. Apply the Nail Form on your nail.
  5. Apply the Builder Gel on fingernail tip and cure*.
  6. Apply the Builder Gel on the whole nail and extend it to the desired position and cure*.

Is cuccio cruelty free?

This company does NOT test on animals.

What does cuccio fuse do?

Cuccio Cuccio Veneer Soak Off LED/UV Colour Gel – Fuse 13ML (6997LED) A non-acid, pH-balanced bonder that aids in the adhesion of the Veneer product and extends wear time.

Do you cure cuccio fuse?

Huge Range. Most complete range of Cuccio products. This product is required for maximum adhesion as a priming product. Does not require curing.

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