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What Is Holo Nail Polish?

Written by Tara

Holographic nail polish isn’t too different from regular nail polish. They are the same, except that holographic nail polishes have a pigment, such as Spectraflair, added to them. Spectraflair is a pigment made of aluminium and magnesium fluoride, and refracts light very well, which gives it its holographic properties.

Holographic nail polish is multi-tonal and has light reflecting particles that give the nails on which it is applied a three-dimensional effect. Popularly called holo nails, they come in simple bottles with a brush applicator like any other varnish but the effect they add is unlike any other.

Generally What is Holo glitter? Holographic glitters offer a metallic finish with a secondary rainbow finish that gives you a dazzling effect! The silver is always going to give you the most dramatic effect but, the colors are hard to keep your hands off too!

Here You Can Watch The Video How to apply holographic polish

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