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What Is The Best Way To Preserve Nail Polish?

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Keeping nail polish in a fridge slows down the normal possible discoloration and solvent evaporation of the polish, which happens as the polish gets older, says Hariharan. In short, the sooner you put the product in the fridge, the longer the color stays true.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president of OPI, claims that storing polish in the fridge will slow down the discoloration that happens as polish gets older. She suggests keeping the bottles upright, because if a bottle falls on its side it’s harder to shake the pigments back together.

Generally Does nail polish need to be stored upright? Nail polish bottles should always be stored in an upright position. Keeping nail polish in a refrigerator will help to maintain the vibrancy of the pigmentation, however, it can also cause thickening of the formula due to light exposure and temperature changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you freeze nail polish?

Dip Them In Ice Water Similar to the freezer method, dipping your hands in ice cold water will also freeze the polish on.

Is it bad to store nail polish on its side?

Always store your nail polish upright and do not store your nail polish lying down, upside down, etc. Why? After a couple of weeks of not using your nail polish the pigments may have separated a little and the pigments are much easier to shake back together when the nail polish has been stored upright.

How do you keep nail polish from separating?

Storing Nail Polish Safely. Keep your nail polish in a cool, dry place. Humidity increases the likelihood nail polish will separate. Do not store nail polish in areas of your home like the bathroom.

How long does nail polish last once opened?

two years The shelf life of an unopened polish can last up to 5-8 years, and after opening the polishes last up to two years, Ling Lin says. Forgetting to screw on the top tightly or exposing your bottles to veritable temperatures can also speed up the expiration process.

How long is nail polish good for?

A rule of thumb is that an unopened and securely stored varnish can last for 18 to 24 months, whereas gel nail polish can last for 24 to 36 months. Some say that you can keep the nail lacquer for a tiny bit longer after those 2 years mark if you have kept the polish stored in a cool, dark spot.

Does temperature affect nail polish?

In warmer temperatures, the solvents within the nail polish evaporate at different rates; some of the solvents evaporate even before the polish is complete, making the polish on the nail gummy.

How can you tell if nail polish is bad?

It’s quick to say that your nail polish was low after two years, then simply throw it. If your nails are gone wrong, the texture of your nail polish is a dead gift. You probably have a bad nail polish if your Nail polish is thick, gloopy, and virtually very hard to handle.

Can you store gel nail polish on its side?

Keep the bottles upright Keeping gel nail polish bottles upright instead of lying down stops the polishes from drying out, maintaining the quality of gel nails after application.

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