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Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Acetone?

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For the last few months I have been noticing a chemical smell in my car when first starting the engine / AC that reminds me of nail polish remover. Digging through the forum, it seems that replacing the cabin air filter is the typical fix.

The smell of acetone, similar to that of strong nail polish remover, can come from your air conditioner, ductless mini-split system, or heat pump when there is a leak in the refrigerant.

Generally Does a gas leak smell like nail polish remover? Refrigerant Leak However, this refrigerant can leak in older or improperly maintained systems, causing a smell that reeks of acetone. If you don’t know what acetone smells like off the top of your head, it’s sometimes used as a finger nail polish remover, and it’s found in some paints and solvents.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I get the solvent smell out of my car?

Here are five durable ways to keep your car smelling fresh with relatively little time or effort.

  1. Charcoal. This old home remedy is like nature’s toxin absorber.
  2. Baking Soda. Few products have as many uses as sodium carbonate, or baking soda.
  3. Vinegar.
  4. Carpet Cleaner.
  5. Air Fresheners.

Can mold smell like nail polish remover?

Molds and mildew smell like acetone because of the chemicals they emit when growing.

Why do I keep smelling acetone?

If a person’s breath smells like acetone โ€” or nail polish remover โ€” it may indicate that there are high levels of ketones in their blood. This may stem from diabetes, alcohol use, or dietary habits.

What does leaking Freon smell like?

Freon usually travels through closed copper coils in an AC unit, but these coils can crack and result in an AC coolant leak. A freon leak will produce a smell between sweet and chloroform. Freon leaks can be toxic.

Does freon smell like acetone?

Does Freon Smell Like Nail Polish? To some people, Freon smells like acetone or nail polish remover. If you ever notice such an odor coming from your AC unit or the refrigerator, you should call a technician to take care of the problem.

What does carbon monoxide smell like?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste. Breathing it in can make you unwell, and it can kill if you’re exposed to high levels. Every year there are around 60 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales.

Why do I smell a chemical smell?

Phantosmia is the medical word used by doctors when a person smells something that is not actually there. Phantosmia is also called a phantom smell or an olfactory hallucination. The smells vary from person to person but are usually unpleasant, such as burnt toast, metallic, or chemical smells.

Are new car smells toxic?

A new study suggests that new car smell comes from toxic chemicals off-gassing in a car’s interior, like brominated flame retardants (BFRs), chromium, and lead.

What does exhaust smell like?

Normally, exhaust has a sort of smoky, musty smell. It’s hard to describe, but relatively easy to identify by smell. If your exhaust smells like exhaust normally does, you may not have anything to worry about . . . depending on where you can smell it.

Why does mold smell like acetone?

Mold and Mildew One reason household mold is dangerous is because many varieties emit chemicals into the air as they grow and spread. These chemicals can take on a number of odors, from rotten eggs to acetone.

What does mold smell like in car?

Most car owners first become aware of their mildew problem when they turn on their vehicle’s air conditioner and notice a smell similar to that of sweaty gym socks. This is a telltale sign of mildew, which can build up inside your evaporator unit whenever moisture condenses.

What does black mold smell like?

It’s often described as musty and earthy, and may even smell like rotting vegetables or plants. You might notice a musty smell, but not be able to see any mold growing. In this case, you should look for areas that might be exposed to water.

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