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Why Has My Gel Top Coat Brush Gone Hard?

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When cleaning your brushes, saturate a lint-free wipe with cleanser (alcohol for gel products, or acetone for regular nail lacquer), and then use it to gently wipe the bristles of the brush using a soft pinch. Alternatively, you can also wipe or roll the brush along the surface of the lint-free square.

It does not need to be a sunny day for this to happen, even on a cloudy/wet day there are still UV rays in the atmosphere. The brushes will literally harden whilst you are using them, it happens in seconds.

Generally How do you disinfect nail tools? Submerge them in disinfectant for at least 10 minutes. Either remove them or leave them in a disinfectant jar on your station. If removed, place them in a steriliser or clean draw. After sterilisation, leave your nails tools in the steriliser until you are ready to use them.

Here You Can Watch The Video How To Clean Your Nail Art Brushes! (Nail Polish 101


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will nail polish ruin paint brushes?

Never use a nail art brush to apply nail polish or enamel, and don’t clean nail art brushes with acetone, which can destroy the bristles. Use brushes made especially for nail enamel to polish the nails; use nail art brushes to paint with water base acrylic paint or water colors.

Will nail polish remover ruin paint brushes?

Pour acetone or non-acetone polish remover into a small glass. Acetone does a great job of loosening and removing paint from brush bristles, but it is harsh and can dry out the bristles. Choose acetone for synthetic bristles or non-acetone nail polish remover for bristles made with natural fibers.

Can you use regular paint brushes with nail polish?

Obviously what the bristles of the brush can vary too! So can I use regular paint brushes for nail art? Yes!You can use any brush you want but keep in mind, the thinner the brush, the better for nail art.

How do you soften hard nail brushes?

Submerging the bristles in the brush cleaner will soften any hardened polish built up on your brush. Using a back-and-forth motion will allow the brush cleaner to soak into the bristles. Scrape the acrylic off the bristles gently using a wooden tool.

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